How Norwich fans across the world are celebrating

Canaries fans were able to watch the televised match at all different times of the day, early and late, but that didn't stop them from celebrating.

One happy Canaries fan on the other side of the globe was 17-month-old Leo Haines, who is celebrating the second City promotion of his short lifetime in Auckland, New Zealand.

Leo's dad Chris is a minor shareholder of Norwich City and was a season ticket holder between 1993 and 2006 before his family's international move.

Mr Haines said of his son: 'He dreams of one day going to Carrow Road and he is very excited about being able to see all the Norwich games screened on Sky next season here in New Zealand.

'His most recent new word is 'goal' after witnessing my celebrations on Monday. He now very proudly wears his Norwich kit amongst all the mini-Lampards and Mini-Rooneys in the playgrounds of Auckland.'

Both sets of Leo's grandparents, who live in Stratton Strawless and Catfield, are big City fans, as is his 90-year-old great-grandmother Olive Betts, who lives in Old Catton.

In the USA there was a hardy group of 10 Norwich fans who crept out of work early to see their team seal a miraculous achievement.

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The New York Canaries gathered in the George Keeley bar on Amsterdam Avenue, New York, to watch Norwich play Portsmouth, which started at 2.45pm local time.

Founder James Copland said: 'We were singing lots of songs and people were coming in for happy hour and wondering what was going on.

'We couldn't quite believe that we were up because the Cardiff game should have been a home win and it was only when the fourth official held up the board with three minutes added time on that it became real, that we were three minutes from the Premier League.'

The New York Canaries are going to be joining in the celebrations in Norwich this weekend as well, as seven of them are flying in and have tickets for the final game of the season against Coventry City.

Mr Copland continued: 'We thought we were initially coming over for a nervous game on the last day of the season, but now we are coming over for a huge party and to go out in the city for a beer and a curry afterwards.

'The last time I was over for a game was Coventry as well, two years ago, but we lost 2-1 and that pretty much sent us towards relegation to League One.

'To now come back and see us play Coventry and already be in the Premier League is just a great irony.'

The celebrations even made it to south Asia, where Hong Kong Canaries member David Lee was delighted to see his team succeed. He said 'Paul Lambert really is a genius. When he first came in, Wes Hoolahan was in the reserves and had even asked for a transfer, but since he has been back to the first team, his creativity brings us from League One to the Championship.

'Simeon Jackson, hardly in the first team before the Scunthorpe game, but after that game he never looked back and his goals won us promotion.

'Lambert wants every player to know, if he is not working hard, even if they are good players, they still won't get in the team. Brilliant man management.'

'I said at the start of the season to all HK Canaries if we finish top 10 this season, I would celebrate, and to finish second is just unbelievable!'

In Spain, Andrew and Alison Roberts were following the promotion joy on the radio. Mr Roberts said: 'My wife and I live north of Barcelona and were listening to the match via satellite on BBC Radio 5 live, and our son Chris was watching the match in his local pub in County Sligo, Ireland.'

In Scotland, Travis Askew, who lives in the Highlands, was also in jubilant mood, saying: 'We're all on cloud nine! Would love to be there Saturday but will be in spirit.'

Over in Ireland there was also a strong Canaries following celebrating promotion.

Mark Larwood, a former ticket officer worker at Carrow Road, enjoyed the 1-0 win on the south coast with the Irish Canaries. He said: 'Around 5pm at Murray's Bar in the heart of Dublin, the Irish Canaries began to gather for Cardiff's game against 'Boro, not quite contemplating that promotion was a likely outcome to the night.

'We're a mix of young and old, formed just seven weeks ago on social networking site Twitter.

'We felt every nerve, reacted to every close shave and hard tackle in unison.

'After the eruption that was Simeon Jackson's winner, the nails had worn after 40 minutes of near-torture waiting for the final whistle.

'When it came, the sheer explosion of delight was there to see, as some curious American tourists became embroiled in an affectionate display of jumping, hugging and cheering.

'On behalf of all Canaries in the Emerald Isle, we would like to offer our congratulations to Paul and the team on a magnificent campaign.'

If you would like to find out more or watch a game with the Irish Canaries while on holiday there, you can contact them on or email

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