How has Norfolk's tourism coped with the fuel shortage?

FLASHBACK: Broads Tours day boats ready to hire at Wroxham as lockdown is eased. Hiring boats is off

Fuel shortages have been affecting drivers all over the county, but one Norfolk company has said it has been more about "quelling fears". - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

Staycations and trips closer to home have become more popular after the pandemic.

But how has the fuel shortage affected the companies that offer the experiences that draw tourists to Norfolk?

For one company offering boat hire and waterside cottages on the Norfolk Broads, the shortages have been more about "quelling panic".

James Knight, director of Norfolk Broads Direct in Wroxham, said: "We're currently experiencing people ringing us panicking that they won't have enough fuel to get to us.

"But bearing in mind that the type of holidays we offer are often booked quite far in advance, no one was automatically cancelling anything.

Broads Tours day boats ready to hire at Wroxham to get close to the Norfolk Broads as lockdown is ea

Norfolk Broads Direct said that they had had their own issues finding fuel for their boats but ultimately managed to source some. - Credit: Denise Bradley

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"Where people have been really struggling to get fuel, we're lucky that in Wroxham we have a train station just up the road so we've been able we could offer the option for people to get the train and we would pick up their bags from the station."

The company has luckily not had to deal with any cancellations from the high demand for fuel.

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Mr Knight added: "A lot of what we have dealt with is quelling panic.

"A lot of people worried, but no one actually had to cancel thanks to alternative transport or because they eventually got fuel."

The Grove in Cromer had one cancellation due to the fuel crisis but revealed it is not a shortage of fuel they are worried about.

Chris Graveling, one of the owners of the hotel and restaurant, said: "North Norfolk seems to be worse than most places, so actually getting here does not seem to be bad.

Chris Graveling, co-owner of The Grove in Cromer. Picture: Staff

Chris Graveling, co-owner of the Grove in Cromer. - Credit: Archant

"It hasn’t been a big deal, and it’s okay compared to the last 18 months.

"I'm more concerned about the future than the fuel shortage."

Mr Graveling revealed that the restaurant did not receive a delivery of food from one of their suppliers on Friday, and had to source food from another location.

He added: "We missed a food delivery today, due to the shortage of HGV drivers and we're more worried about that.

"One of our other major suppliers rang us to reassure us its drivers are fine, but suppliers don't ring you to assure you unless there's issues."

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