How clean are Norwich’s restaurants, cafés and pubs? Latest food hygiene ratings revealed

The latest Food Standard Agency Ratings for Norwich. Picture Victoria Jones/PA Wire

The latest Food Standard Agency Ratings for Norwich. Picture Victoria Jones/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Here are the latest food hygiene ratings for cafés, restaurants, pubs and bars in Norwich under City Council jurisdiction.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FSA) rates food businesses on their hygiene standards, based on inspections carried out by the council's food safety officers.

Businesses are rated on a scale ranging from 0 which means 'urgent improvement necessary' to a top rating of 5 which is 'very good'.

The data paints a positive picture of the city's eateries with the majority of them being rated as 'generally satisfactory' or above.

But some are currently waiting on inspections or the publication of reports following inspections. This includes Tasty Chinese Restaurant on Prince of Wales Road which was recently up at Norwich Magistrates Court after food inspection officers uncovered a litany of breaches including food being stored in the disabled toilet and cross contamination.

MORE: Revealed: Filthy conditions and people sleeping at Tasty Chinese restaurant on Prince of Wales RoadAccording to the FSA, businesses that score zero tend to have a history of serious problems and are likely to be performing poorly in the three areas food safety officers inspect, which are:

• How hygienically food is prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored

• The cleanliness, layout, lighting and ventilation of the building

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• The systems in place to make sure food is safe for consumption.

You can view the full reports by visiting

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