'We don't want it' - Villagers react to care home plans

Indicative sketch of Hethersett care village

An indicative sketch of the proposed care village across two sites on the south-western edge of Hethersett. A care home and village hub are proposed on the western land parcel (accessed from Kett's Oak) and extra care bungalows on the northern land parcel (accessed from New Road). - Credit: Lanpro

Plans for a new care village between Hethersett and Wymondham have been met with concern by neighbours.

On Monday evening, around 40 people packed into Hethersett Village Hall to hear plans for a new care village on roughly 5.15 hectares of agricultural land across two sites - one to the east on New Road, and one to the west near Ketts Oak.

The residents' comments were unanimously against the plans, with particular concern about flooding, more development in the future and impact on GP services.  

Tom Pike of Lanpro, speaking on behalf of the developer Glavenhill Ltd, said they were seeking views ahead of submitting a planning application. 

One woman hit out at the plans saying: “Is anybody going to listen to us? Because none of us would want it because of the strains on the village.” 

The parish boundary between Wymondham and Hethersett on the B1172, just before Ketts Oak to the right.

The parish boundary between Wymondham and Hethersett on the B1172, just before Ketts Oak to the right. - Credit: Denise Bradley

Mr Pike said the developer welcomed comments, with the chair of Hethersett Parish Council, Adrienne Quinlan, stressing the importance of commenting on the application and attending meetings.

One neighbour of the site was particularly concerned about flooding, saying the area was often sodden and water already rises in her garden.

She said: “I moved here in 2013, every time we get heavy rain, my garden completely floods - I've got a drain in there and I get raw sewage come up."

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She added: "The field is constantly sodden, you put a bunch of concrete in there and it’s only going to get worse.” 

Chair of Hethersett Parish Council, Adrienne Quinlan

Chair of Hethersett Parish Council, Adrienne Quinlan, said they were unable to comment on the application at the meeting to avoid prejudicing themselves when the plans came before them - Credit: Adrienne Quinlan

Mr Pike said the site was known to be in flood zone one - the lowest risk flooding area - and the developer will prepare a drainage strategy, which may involve measures like water storage on-site, with more details to be available in the future. 

Questioned if the site will have its own doctors surgery, Mr Pike said the developer was not able to fix existing issues in the village but would contribute to prevent new pressures. 

Asked what would be done with the strip of land between the two sites, Mr Pike said the current plan was to leave it as farmland. 

Mr Pike admitted that it could be looked at for development in the future but said that would require new planning permission. 

The consultation can be found at lanproservices.co.uk/hethersett-care and closes on November 19.

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