Hot weather warning ahead of Run Norwich 10k

Extra water will be provided to runners at Run Norwich 2018. Picture: Archant

Extra water will be provided to runners at Run Norwich 2018. Picture: Archant - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2017

Norwich runners are today being urged to heed advice as hot temperatures are predicted for Sunday's Run Norwich 10k.

The race returns to the heart of the city this weekend with predicted temperatures of 23/24C when the race is due to begin at 9:30am.

The 7,000 runners taking part are being warned about the risks of the heat and humidity which can cause dehydration, heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses.

Although common sense plays a key part in avoiding these problems, preventative advice is being given to make sure runners stay safe.

Mark Armstrong, the EDP's deputy sports editor, who writes a running column, said there were a number of key things to remember.

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He said: 'The most obvious tip but most important is to keep hydrated. You need to make sure you keep drinking water throughout the race.'

He added: 'Take extra water to the race. I am taking a running belt with water in it, but there are two drinks stations available on the route.

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'If you want to be extra hydrated make sure you are taking a sip of water every half an hour a couple of days before the race.'

Mr Armstrong said another piece of advice was to limit your caffeine and alcohol intake before the run - and to implement this from Friday.

He said: 'If it is getting hotter reduce your pace and take it easy – it probably won't be your personal best day but you just have to accept that.

'Make sure you put on a layer of sun cream before the race: if you burn you are more likely to get sun stroke.

'Well-trained runners who are conditioned for these events will most likely think 'forget it', but it is the inexperienced runners more towards the back who usually have the most trouble.'

The sold-out Norwich 10K run, organised by Norwich City FC Community Sports Foundation, takes place in the heart of the city centre.

The route passes the city's most famous landmarks including Norwich Castle, The Forum, Norwich Cathedral and many more.

Since 2015 thousands of runners of all abilities have taken to the city's streets to take part in this annual event.

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