Holt Road closure continues to cause traffic chaos

The traffic caused by the closure of Holt Road. Photo: Jo Clark

The traffic caused by the closure of Holt Road. Photo: Jo Clark - Credit: Jo Clark

The closure of the B1149 Holt Road south of Horsford is continuing to cause traffic chaos as drivers try to find alternative routes.


Drivers have been finding themselves stuck in long queues along different routes into Norwich.

The road has been closed to make way for the A1270 Norwich Northern Distributor Road and to allow construction of slip roads for the major junction with the A140 Cromer Road.

The Cromer Road, Drayton High Road and Reepham road have been suggested as routes but traffic lights have been placed on the Cromer road causing further delays.

Work to break up the redundant section of Holt Road has begun, and there will be no access through the site for cyclists or pedestrians.

Drivers took to twitter to have their say.

Jo Clark said: '1.30pm today there were traffic lights and huge queues in both directions. Completely ridiculous to do this at rush hour with no Holt Road.'

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