Holt-based charity Aid Africa’s annual “Small Change Challenge” at half-way point

A north Norfolk-based charity is urging people to save their spare change to help one of the world's most impoverished communities.

Aid Africa is half-way through its annual 'Small Change Challenge' and pledges to raise funds for Malawi.

Lynda Mills and her husband David run the charity's shop in Holt which covers the project's overhead costs. This means every penny donated will be used to combat famine and disease.

A fuel shortage is also threatening to ruin the lives of thousands of people there who need essential care.

She said: 'The fuel shortage is affecting almost all transport in Malawi - even the emergency ambulances have stopped at the moment. Of course it's also hindering our work amongst the poor.

'Our target group is orphans, disabled people, the elderly and people living with AIDS. We also help families that would not be eating if we didn't help.'

Mrs Mills will fly out to the country next month for three months to continue the work her and her husband started on their first visit in 2005. Mr Mills will then join her in May.

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The proceeds of the Small Change Challenge means the couple can buy 15 tonnes of maize on this visit, which means 30,000 meals will be supplied for the most vulnerable families.

As well as providing food, the charity has also overseen the planting of community gardens, repaired water bore holes, developed goat herds and provided agricultural and livestock training.

Aid Africa will be collecting donations and putting up display boards at Budgens in Holt today, tomorrow and Saturday from 10am-4pm.

Donations will also be collected at the Aid Africa Charity Shop on Shirehall Plain, Holt.

• For more information contact Mrs Mills on 01263 713641.

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