Holkham Estate praised for their handling of complaints following Tom Jones concert

Holkham estate has sent out letters to apologise for issues during a Tom Jones concert. Picture: Hol

Holkham estate has sent out letters to apologise for issues during a Tom Jones concert. Picture: Holkham Hall - Credit: Holkham Hall

The Holkham Estate has been praised by customers for the way it has handled complaints following disruptions at a Tom Jones concert at the end of July.

The estate has begun sending out letters of apology to customers who contacted them after they issued a public statement and before the deadline of August 1.

In a recent post on Facebook Holkham said it has kept in touch with customers and has reviewed every case individually in consultation with the event organisers.

Some concert-goers have also reported receiving compensation in the form of vouchers, future concert tickets or refunds.

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The Tom Jones concert took place on July 23 and was met with widespread criticism, with many guests blaming poor organisation.

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Some people travelling to the venue by car faced hours of delays and claimed it was caused by poor traffic marshalling and a lack of appropriate signage.

Jo Sharman from Upwell was caught up in heavy traffic when she was leaving the venue and was also frustrated by the high cost of food and drink but she said Holkham has since gone to great lengths to address her complaints.

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'They kept me informed throughout my complaint via email,' she said. 'They offered two options either platinum tickets to the forthcoming UB40 concert and £10 per person to spend on refreshments once there or full face value of tickets refunded - which is the option I decided upon.

'I felt as it wasn't Holkham that actually arranged the event they did all they could to rectify problems.'

Another guest who did not wish to be named said they felt Holkham had done all they could to make amends.

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Holkham has also confirmed that at future concerts picnics will be allowed and there will be improved lighting and disability access.

However, both of the concert-goers said Holkham had gone out of their way on behalf of organisers Live Promotions and said they would liked to have also seen a response from them as well.

Colin Ward, managing director of Live Promotions, said that the complaints procedure had been arranged between the two promoters and the venue. He added: 'There were several external traffic factors involved clearly beyond the promoters control that unfortunately created hold ups on the day.'

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