Norfolk jets will set sail on flagship of the fleet

F35 jets from RAF Marham have decked aboard HMS Queen Elizabeth prior to taking part in Joint Warrio

HMS Queen Elizabeth has been designated flagship of the fleet. She will soon be setting ail with F-35 Lightning jets from RAF Marham on board. - Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Norfolk's Lightning force will now be setting sail on the Navy's flagship of the fleet.

HMS Queen Elizabeth carries aircraft from the RAF Marham-based 617 Sqn along with Merlin helicopters.

The £3bn warship was given its title at Portsmouth naval base. It was transferred from the assault ship HMS Albion.

First Sea Lord Admiral Tony Radakin said: "It's right that we bestow such a historic title now. In the coming months HMS Queen Elizabeth will lead the most ambitious Royal Navy deployment in decades. She will be a focal point as we look forward to an extraordinary year."

More F-35 Lightning jets are set to join HMS Queen Elzabeth Picture: MoD

An F-35 from Marham on the fight deck of the HMS Queen Elizabeth - Credit: MoD

It was announced last week that the Queen Elizabeth and its F-35B Lightning jets will be complemented by a detachment of the stealth fighters from the US Marine Corps as well as a US Navy destroyer during its first operational strike group deployment.

HMS Queen Elizabeth and its strike group will first take part in a war-fighting exercise with other Nato navies during Exercise Strike Warrior off Scotland during the spring before it departs for the Mediterranean.