Historical wall in Great Yarmouth finally made safe after long saga

A long running saga over a dangerous wall has finally come to a happy ending.

The previous state of the old wall in Great Yarmouth

The previous state of the old wall in Great Yarmouth - Credit: Archant

A flint wall in St Nicholas Terrace, near Stanley Road in north Yarmouth, had been in a state of disrepair for a number of years.

Concerned residents feared the five foot tall wall, which had a big hole in it, could collapse at any moment, and injure a passerby.

It was a mystery who owned the dilapidated wall, which pre-dated the houses built around it and was most likely originally part of the previously larger St Nicholas Church grounds.

MORE: Riddle of who is responsible for old wall repair in YarmouthNow, thanks to funding from a county councillor, the safety concerns have been addressed and the wall has been reshaped.

Labour county councillor for Central and Northgate division, Mick Castle, used money from his ward allocation to fund the repair work.

He said he knew how angry residents were at what they thought was council inaction, so he stepped in.

He added: “It is good news at last for the residents of this terrace where the old wall has gradually become more and more damaged and potentially dangerous.

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“I took the issue up two years ago but hit a brick wall in that the wall was not in county or borough council ownership and probably preceded the building of these houses.

“The wall made St Nicholas Terrace look unkempt and damaged pride of place for those living there.”

Residents welcomed the repairs, but said the whole wall is a concern.

Nancy Holt, 28, who has a four-year-old son, said she had been concerned the wall could fall on her child, who liked to cycle up and down the alleyway outside their home.

She added: “A lot of kids live in this terrace, it’s quite dangerous. Another part of the wall is hollow, so from the point of view of safety, that should be looked at next.”

One resident, who did not wish to be named, has lived in the same house for nearly 88 years and said the wall had become an eye sore.

“The problem started with kids pulling stones out over the years. The other day it looked such a mess.”

Abby Brown who has lived in her house for 12 years said she was happy the work had been carried out. She added: “It was a bit dangerous, but now they’ve done the work it’s safer.”

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