Emergency services evacuating five Hemsby homes at risk of falling into sea

A house in The Marrams, Hemsby, perilously close to oblivion . Photo: Mike Page

A house in The Marrams, Hemsby, perilously close to oblivion . Photo: Mike Page - Credit: Mike Page

Emergency services are currently trying to evacuate homes in a coastal village.

Five homes in Hemsby, near Great Yarmouth, are reportedly at risk of falling into the sea after harsh tidal waves hit the cliffs below.

Daniel Hurd, Coxwain at Hemsby Lifeboat, said: 'We can see properties being lost tonight.

'We are taking precautions based on our understanding of our local resilience plan as this mornings high tide is creating a higher than usual risk of damage to property and life.

'At the moment the risk is probably affecting five houses, one is definitely at risk, because it is within about three foot of the dune itself, so that's the main one we're concerned about.

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'We are preparing ourself for this evening's high tide by keeping the residents of the marrams informed of the current situation.

'We are currently working with Norfolk police and the parish council. We advise people to keep away from the beach and the dunes.

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'Great Yarmouth Borough Council have been down and Hemsby Parish Council are now opening the rest centres.

'We're advising people to use the time now before the high tide to get as much gear ready as possible before evacuating.

'We've got approximately ten life boat crews who I can deploy if needed and Humber Coastguard have also said if we need further assistance they can then page local teams.'

Weather forecaster Elizabeth Rizzini said winds in the area were rating at an eight on the Beaufort wind force scale.

Dan Holley of Weatherquest added: 'A high of 53mph winds were recorded this morning on the north Norfolk coast and this could rise to 55-60mph in Hemsby.

'These strong north-easterly gusts are expected to continue into tomorrow morning and even then winds are only expected to ease gradually as the day progresses.

'The seas are currently in the very rough category, which is unusual as they would normally be more moderate.'

In 2013, seven homes in Hemsby were destroyed by the biggest tidal surge since 1953.

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