Heidi Jackson - Heroic and selfless people restore my faith in humanity after Westminster terror attack

Reviewer Heidi Jackson. Photo : ARCHANT.

Reviewer Heidi Jackson. Photo : ARCHANT. - Credit: Steve Adams

It would be incredibly naïve to forget that terrorist attacks happen frequently all over the world but being so close, the Westminster attack definitely struck a chord across the nation.

Naturally, there has been extensive negative coverage of the horrific events but importantly, the selfless and heroic actions of others have been highlighted.

On top of this the sheer solidarity reflected shortly after the attack really does represent the best of our country and ultimately, what Britain truly stands for.

It is incredibly unfortunate that this sense of unity is the outcome of such terrible circumstances but nonetheless it helps us to deal with what has happened.

We must take the small positives out of such heart breaking news and commend those for their brave actions.

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Members of the public were desperately trying to save the life of policeman Keith Palmer before help arrived and it is those people and the officer who are the heroes in this.

We must also praise the emergency services and the many doctors and nurses from a nearby hospital who ran out into the madness to help those in need.

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Not everyone would put themselves into that dangerous situation; they really did go above and beyond the expectations of their jobs.

These people help to restore our faith in humanity at such a terrible time where we find ourselves questioning why somebody would do something so horrifying. The best thing we can do as a country is show that we are strong and standing together.

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