Heartsease suicide man was wanted for sex offences

A man who was wanted by police in connection with 15 offences committed suicide the day after he was due to appear at court, an inquest heard.

Ian Hoar, 43, of Williamson Close, Heartsease, died after he was hit by a train at Cantley, between Norwich and Great Yarmouth, on December 2 last year.

An inquest into his death, held at Norwich's Assembly House on Friday, heard how he had been spotted in his car near the railway line earlier in the day and that one set of footsteps were found in the snow between the car and the railway line.

It is believed that Mr Hoar had deliberately placed himself on the train track and was then struck by the Lowestoft to Norwich train at about 9.30pm.

Mr Hoar had been arrested and charged in relation to a series of 'very grave' offences in July and had been due to appear before Norwich magistrates the day before his death, but had failed to turn up, it was heard.

The alleged offences were said to have been of a sexual nature.

During the hearing, PC Mel Dobbs, from the British Transport Police, said Mr Hoar was facing 15 allegations, all of which he denied. Notes and letters were found at his home when police searched the premises, indicating that the writer was contemplating suicide, and a noose was found.

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Mr Hoar had undergone a mental health assessment at the time of his arrest which found he was not suffering from a mental illness, PC Dobbs confirmed.

In a statement, National Express East Anglia train driver David Kent said: 'I had tested the train before leaving Lowestoft station and everything was working as it should have been. It was a frosty night, but clear, with good visibility. I was doing between 50 and 55 miles per hour and it was flat, open countryside. Suddenly I saw a large lump which appeared to be clothing.

'I immediately applied the brakes. I heard the distinct thud and realised that my front wheel had struck something and suspected that it was something more than clothing.'

He said that once he had stopped the train and got out, he saw the remains of a person on the line.

Mr Hoar had no family except his brother Clive Sidney, who attended the inquest.

The inquest jury returned a verdict of suicide.