West Suffolk Hospital invests in £6,000 ‘bed bike’ to aid critical care patient recovery

Physiotherapist Rosie Tulloch helps a patient with the bed bike at West Suffolk Hospital.

Physiotherapist Rosie Tulloch helps a patient with the bed bike at West Suffolk Hospital. - Credit: Archant

Critical care patients at a Suffolk hospital are now being given a better chance of making a good recovery following the introduction of a specialist 'bed bike' which aims to keep joints moving while combatting muscle wastage.

West Suffolk Hospital has invested in the £6,000 Motomed bed bike, which allows patients who are sedated or confined to bed to start their rehabilitation as early as possible.

Fitted with a motor to help them cycle passively, it keeps their joints active and their muscle length intact, in turn reducing wastage which is common when patients are bed-bound and unable to move on their own.

The trust decided to invest following a successful trial, and is thought to be only one of a handful of NHS hospitals in the country to purchase the bike for use on critical care.

It has been paid for with £720 raised by Jess Daniels and Anna Aniskowicz during a charity skydive organised by the My WiSH charity, along with cash from the Research and Development Fund.

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Rosie Tulloch, physiotherapist, said: 'We are really pleased with this fantastic new piece of equipment. It will make a huge difference to some of our sickest patients by helping them retain joint movement and muscle strength while they are sedated or confined to bed.

'The bike can also be used actively by patients who are already on the road to recovery.

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'It is vital to begin rehabilitation as early as possible, as it gives patients the best chance of making a good recovery.

'This new bed bike will allow us to do just that, in turn giving critical care patients the best chance to get back on their feet and return home more quickly.'

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