Should Norwich City fans be double jabbed to attend games?

Norwich City fans may need to prove they have been jabbed twice before returning to Carrow Road

Norwich City fans may need to prove they have been jabbed twice before returning to Carrow Road. - Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Football fans were split on rumours the prime minister is considering the requirement of vaccine passports to attend sporting stadiums, alongside other large events, from October.

Some believe the requirement to be the most responsible thing to do, while others believe it to be discriminating against those who haven’t had the vaccine and taking away their freedom of choice.

Fans took to the EDP's Facebook page and our website to share their opinions on the rumours.

Some of those who are against the requirement commented on the effectiveness of the vaccine, saying that it doesn’t stop the recipient from catching Covid.

Andy Lloyd said: “Vaccinated people can still visit a football match and catch Covid, look at Piers Morgan. There is no justification for Covid passports anywhere in a domestic setting."

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It has also been argued that the requirement of a vaccine passport to attend events could be seen as discrimination against those who either can’t or won’t get the vaccine.

“All the club's great work on anti-discrimination initiatives – out the window," said one commenter.

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Other fans thought that requiring fans to have been double jabbed before attending matches is taking away their freedom of choice.

"The vaccine is no guarantee you won't get it," said Laura Wells. "I know of several people who still got it after both jabs.

"Anyone can carry it too. Another step along the road of total control over everyone's lives."

Others struggled to see the issue, though – Paul Platten said: "The latest thinking is that vaccinated people are less likely to transmit the virus."

Elly Rose added: "I work at the stadium sometimes and I'm pretty sure I got Covid at work in March 2020. I'm still feeling the after effects."

Samantha Smith said: "Reading some of these comments makes me think our poor NHS workers must be so disillusioned.

"Doctors, nurses, researchers, pathologists the list is endless. Their training does not stop when they finish their degrees or courses, it’s a lifetime of learning – so of course they must all be wrong and the Facebook scientists absolutely correct."

Rates of transmission at professional football matches are still being researched. Experts agree that outside events have a much lower risk of transmission, as long as distancing is observed.

Some 2,000 Scottish football fans were found to have contracted the virus at Euro 2020 - although that might not have been in the ground itself.

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