UEA receives dementia research funding

Dr Chris Fox, from UEA’s Norwich Medical School.

Dr Chris Fox, from UEA’s Norwich Medical School. - Credit: UEA

Researchers from the University of East Anglia have received a share of a £4m pot of money for a new project to improve safety for people with dementia

Dementia experts from the Faculty of Medical and Health Science have received £450,000 from the Health Foundation to work alongside other universities and mental health trusts in the East of England to tackle gaps in care.

Chris Fox, who will lead research at UEA, said: 'This is a very exciting opportunity to undertake a patient safety improvement programme of real significance within mental health care over the next two years.

'There is no doubt that we are experiencing a dementia tsunami, with the crest of the wave yet to come. It is very encouraging that we will have this opportunity to implement and evaluate the latest tested, evidence-based patient safety interventions at scale in hospital settings. We will particularly look at the impact on falls and safer medication usage in mental health inpatients in Norwich and Cambridge.' The project will also involve Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, all of the East of England mental health trusts, the Cambridge University Engineering Design Centre, and the University of Hertfordshire.

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