Ideas for things to do during self-isolation

10 Things to do at home during self isolation. Make fun games using Loo Roll Pictures: BRITTANY WOOD

10 Things to do at home during self isolation. Make fun games using Loo Roll Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMAN - Credit: Archant

As work places close and self-isolation comes into force, many of us are finding ourselves spending an unprecedented time at home, when we would usually be out and about.

10 Things to do at home during self isolation Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMAN

10 Things to do at home during self isolation Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMAN - Credit: Archant

But, when you’re unable to do the activities you usually would do, how do you pass the time, keep spirits high and stave off cabin fever?

Here are a few ideas, to get you started.

1. Get organising

Do you face a cascade of Tupperware every time you open a certain kitchen cupboard? Are you hesitant to go into the shed because you’re a little afraid what lurks there or are there items in your wardrobe which are now so dated they’re vintage, and not in a good way? Then perhaps now is the time to have a clear out, tidy and start organising.

2. Get creative with that loo roll

If you were one of those people who decided the best way to prepare for self-isolation was to buy far more toilet paper than you’ll ever realistically need, perhaps you should put it to use by getting creative, loo roll igloo anyone?

3. Watch a film or something to take your mind off the news

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It’s important to keep up to date with the news and latest advice but it’s equally important to take some time out. How about using these long evenings to get through that box set you’ve been meaning to watch since Christmas or that classic film you’ve yet to watch.

4. Learn a new skill

Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill, there are fewer distractions and you’ll need something to talk about when things are back to normal. How about picking up that musical instrument which has been collecting dust, learn to juggle or pick up a paint brush? If you’re looking after children or if you’re in self isolation with a house mate or partner you can get them involved too.

5. Throw a teddy bear’s picnic

This is probably more one for those looking after children, but equally you could always design the perfect dinner party menu for when social distancing is over or dream up the ideal celebrity guest list.

6. Go for a walk

If you’re able, it’s still important to get some fresh air and sunlight. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, spend some time outside or otherwise go for a walk around the nearest park or neighbourhood. Just remember social distancing advice still applies and wash your hands before you leave and when you get home.

7. Pick up the phone or go virtual

While we might all be confined to our homes that doesn’t stop us from talking to one another, and hearing a friendly voice or face on-screen could make a big difference to someone who’s struggling. Choose the phone or video call over sending a text and see if there’s a scheme running in your area to call isolated members of the community.

8. Read a book

If you’ve exhausted all the films and TV you’ve been meaning to watch, why not pick up a book or download an audiobook, you could even set up virtual book club with friends. Podcasts are an option to

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