NOT ALONE: Support for positive mental health campaign pours in

Not Alone campaign backers, clockwise from top left; Chris Goreham, Kaye Nicholls, Tom Oxley, Rob Br

Not Alone campaign backers, clockwise from top left; Chris Goreham, Kaye Nicholls, Tom Oxley, Rob Bradley, James Duez and Gabrielle Cobb Picture: Submitted - Credit: Submitted

Support for our Not Alone campaign has come in from mental health advocates and campaigners across of our region.

As social isolation is used to combat the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic it’s never been more important to make sure we’re maintaining good mental health and helping others to deal with their own worries.

A host of advice and tips were offered online following the launch of the campaign on Wednesday, with BBC Radio Norfolk presenter and Norwich City commentator Chris Goreham among those to send a kind message.

“Thinking of everybody during these uncertain times,” said Mr Goreham. “We’re carrying on with the breakfast show on BBC Radio Norfolk and one of the things that I’ve really noticed is that every time we get a message from somebody with a question or something they’re worried about, you then get lots of other messages from people saying they were worried about that too.

“So even if you’re not seeing your friends, or your family or work colleagues, we’re definitely all in this together, you are definitely not alone and I look forward to seeing you back at Carrow Road and back in the city in the very near future.”

Norwich City Women FC player Gabrielle Cobb also joined in on her team’s behalf, saying: “While you’re at home, why not take this opportunity to pick up your phone and check up on someone who is alone. The elderly are the ones who are most vulnerable in these terrible times, you don’t realise how much it would mean to them. Stay safe.”

NOT ALONE: Mental health advocates back campaign with passionate videos

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Her sentiment was echoed by that of another from the football world, former Canaries player and passionate mental health advocate Cedric Anselin, who is manager of local side Norwich United.

“It’s so important at the moment to keep in touch with some of your friends and family,” said Mr Anselin. “So please don’t be afraid to make some video calls and to let them know that you are feeling a bit low.

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“It’s obviously a strange time for everyone at the moment, but we will all get through it, together.”

It was a simple message from Tom Oxley, workplace mental health specialist for Bamboo Mental Health, who said: “Take it easy on yourself, take time away from social media, take time outside if you can and take it slowly - we’re all in this together.”

You can join in with our campaign to spread positivity and offer mental health tips using the #NotAlone hashtag on social media and contribute your own short video by tagging @EDP24 or @eveningnews.

- Our Here to Help campaign is also organising a Not Alone pen friend scheme for those keen to make new friends during isolation. Those interested in being involved can contact


Free mental health advice is being offered by an NHS approved app for mobile devices.

The ‘Thrive’ app helps people prevent and manage stress, anxiety and mental health conditions.

Dr Andres Fonseca, chief executive of Thrive, said: “We are committed to supporting as many people as we can and given the current epidemic we want to remind everyone, from all walks of life, that confidential and effective support is there. Regardless of your occupation you have access to our service to improve your resilience and mental wellbeing.

“We hope our NHS frontline staff, our teachers, police officers, firefighters, carers and anyone struggling to cope in these uncertain times will find our app useful. Everyone deserves the right to effective mental health support for a healthy mind.”

The app can be downloaded via the NHS apps library, as well as through the App Store, Google Play and the Thrive website, with new users acquiring an access code from

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