Sight of woman who thought her fringe needed cutting is saved by North Walsham optician

Rosemary Brame, 81, from North Walsham had her eye sight saved after Marie Sanders from Lord's Opticians quickly referred...

Rosemary Brame, 81, from North Walsham had her eye sight saved after Marie Sanders from Lord's Opticians quickly referred her to N & N Hospital with a ditached retina. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

A woman who at first thought her fringe needed a cut is counting her blessings that she took an optician's advice - because it saved her from going blind in one eye.

Optician Marie Sanders' experience meant she realised Rosemary Brame's description of her symptoms could have led to her going blind.

She strongly urged Mrs Brame, 80, to go straight to hospital where a surgeon carried out an emergency operation on her detached retina, saving the sight in her affected eye.

Mrs Brame, of Bacton Road, North Walsham, was lying on her bed facing a cream wall one morning when she saw something unusual.

'I said to my husband John 'there are cobwebs on the wall' and then I thought my fringe must need cutting. It was as if an inch of black had come across one eye,' she recalled.

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When she moved her fringe and the problem remained she phoned an optician to explain her symptoms. They offered her an appointment the following day but something told her not to wait and she contacted Lord's Optician's in North Walsham instead, where she spoke to Mrs Sanders.

'She said 'Get your coat on and go immediately to A&E. I believe you may have a detached retina',' said Mrs Brame.

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'Saving my eyesight was more important than my fear so I went straight there.'

After a medical examination had confirmed Mrs Sanders' fears, Mrs Brame was fast-tracked and underwent the sight-saving surgery under a local anaesthetic at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Mrs Brame was warned that she would be blind in the affected eye for up to six weeks after the operation but found that her sight was restored after just two.

'We were at a dance and I suddenly said to my husband 'John, I can see again'. I love glorious clothes and evening dresses and the thought of only seeing them with one eye was horrible.

'Marie saved my eyesight and I am so grateful,' she added.

Mrs Sanders, who has 25 years' experience as a qualified dispensing optician, said Mrs Brame's description of her symptoms had instantly rung alarm bells with her and she knew that time was of the essence if her sight was going to be saved.

'It was a pretty amazing outcome,' she said. 'A good day's work!'

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