Mum with ‘at risk’ baby has crucial milk and shopping stolen

Becky Tordoff was left heartbroken after a shopping including baby milk left at the door of her flat

Becky Tordoff was left heartbroken after a shopping including baby milk left at the door of her flat in Attleborough was stolen. Picture: Becky Tordoff - Credit: Archant

Shopping left at the door of a mother and her ‘at risk’ baby was stolen within 10 minutes of it being delivered.

Becky Tordoff is currently self-isolating with her five-month-old daughter, Nevaeh, in keeping with government advice in relation to the coronavirus outbreak.

Nevaeh was born with agensis of the corpus callosum (ACC), a rare disorder meaning she is missing the central structure of her brain.

Her condition places her in one of the ‘at risk’ categories outlining the vulnerable members of society who are more likely to develop severe symptoms if they contract COVID-19.

Unable and unwilling to take Nevaeh shopping, Miss Tordoff organised for supplies - including a particular variety of baby milk - to be delivered by a kind-hearted stranger on Saturday, March 21.

MORE: Pub becomes donation point for essential suppliesBut 10 minutes after the shopping was left at her front door on Halford Road, the 26-year-old discovered it had all been taken.

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“My daughter’s immune system is not very good at all, so she needs this type of baby milk and a lady went out of her way to deliver supplies to my door,” said Miss Tordoff.

“I didn’t hear her knock but she messaged me saying she had left some shopping outside. Someone was clearly watching at the time because it had gone within 10 minutes.”

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A distraught Miss Tordoff set about trying to establish what had happened to her supplies, but knocking on her neighbours’ doors failed to shed any light on the situation.

MORE: Norfolk’s chief constable calls on public to help stop people dying“I spoke to my neighbours asking whether they had seen anything, but they hadn’t,” she added. “I was knocking on doors and eventually just burst into tears.

“It upset me that someone had gone out of their way to help me and then it was just stolen, plus it was the last bit of spare money I had.

“It’s just the food for me that I needed, but the baby milk for Nevaeh as well. I’ve been having to give her the little ready-made bottles, but that’s not ideal.

“Everything I’d needed all week someone finally got for me, and to have that taken away was awful.”

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