Almost 3,000 and counting - petition to save Morley House in King's Lynn grows, as a sibling tells what the care it offers means

The Countess of Wessex gets to know a young visitor during a visit to Break's Morley House at King's Lynn. Picture: Submitted

The Countess of Wessex gets to know a young visitor during a visit to Break's Morley House at King's Lynn. Picture: Submitted


Almost 3,000 people have signed a petition to save a home which offers respite care to children with complex needs.

It comes as a sibling speaks out about what the care it offers means to his family.

Norfolk County Council, which funds their stays, has told parents it will not be renewing its contract with Morley House, in King’s Lynn, when it ends in August.

Charity Break, which runs the centre, plans to turn it into a home offering permanent care. But devastated families say it provides them with a lifeline.

One child’s older brother said: “Since October of 2016 my little brother, now 12, has been going to Morley House for respite during the week in term times due his complex needs and very challenging behaviour. He has a severe level of Autism, ADHD, learning difficulties and SPD.

“He takes medication for anxiety as so many situations cause him immense anxiety which then result in extreme distress for him and negative behaviours such as aggression and destructive behaviours which means that he greatly struggles with the everyday activities in life no matter how big or small.

“He struggles greatly with all activities outside of home or Morley House, which means that any sort of outing has become virtually impossible for his or other people’s safety.”

The older sibling said the family were virtual prisoners in their own home because of the brother’s behaviour.

“He can be very aggressive, destructive, he has no concept of time, costs, consequences, danger, height or temperature like a hot stove,” he said.

“As he has grown up and come into his early puberty stage he has become a lot more violent and this effects me and our mum. We are often on the end of a violent outburst and this can be very painful and distressing to all involved.

“Mum is in her forties and keeping him safe, clean and interacting with him with little or no sleep and doing washing, cooking and cleaning has left our physical and mental health in tatters on many occasions, we need to be able to recharge our batteries while knowing that he is getting the care and support that he needs at Morley House.

“At Morley House he has a big support network of lovely staff who take good care of him and who know how to deal with him during his best and worst times.

“Without Morley House and those that work there, we would be very stuck and in an incredibly difficult and almost impossible situation. Losing this place is not an option we can entertain. For our family’s sake.”

Paper copies of the petition, which now has almost 3,000 signatures, will soon be in shops around Lynn. To visit the online version, click here.

When it confirmed the closure, Norfolk County Council said it had to use its resources in the most efficient way to ensure it supported as many children as possible. Today it said it had no further comment.

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