Opportunity to save baby’s life was missed by West Suffolk hospital

A pregnant woman was paid £15,000 after an opportunity to save her baby was missed.

A pregnant woman was paid £15,000 after an opportunity to save her baby was missed. - Credit: PA

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust has been forced to pay the mother of a stillborn baby £15,000 after it failed to spot an opportunity to save the child's life.

According to the ombudsman's report the patient, only identified as Mrs A, was seen at appointments 33 and 36 weeks into her pregnancy.

At 33 weeks it was noticed the baby's growth had slowed and at 36 weeks Mrs A reported the baby was not moving that morning. But staff told her to monitor the baby's movement and to contact them if she remained concerned.

Mrs A experienced further problems that night and went to hospital, where an ultrasound showed the baby had died.

The ombudsman said the trust should have made investigations after the 33 week appointment, meaning an opportunity to deliver the baby early was lost.

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It said it was 'likely this would have prevented the baby's death'. A spokesman for the trust said: 'We would like to reiterate our apologies to the family involved in this incident and our condolences for their loss.

Since this case, we have taken steps to improve the care we provide when babies are not developing as expected during pregnancy.'

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