The EDP says... We must take responsibility for our self-made obesity epidemic

One in four people (23.8pc) in Norfolk are obese. Picture: PA / Daniel Leal-Olivas.

One in four people (23.8pc) in Norfolk are obese. Picture: PA / Daniel Leal-Olivas. - Credit: PA

It is worrying to see statistics which show the number of people going to hospital for obesity-related conditions has risen yet again.

It is true that for some, obesity is difficult to avoid due to various medical conditions.

For example, some diseases can cause a person to gain weight, mental health conditions can push people into obesity, or some treatment methods - such as steroids - can push up the number on the scale.

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But for those of us normally healthy people, we all have a responsibility over our own health, especially at a time where the NHS is under such strain.

As a nation, more people are overweight or obese than ever before and the consequences are putting more stress on an already buckling system.

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But the information needed to make informed decisions is there on food packaging - admittedly it is not always as clear as it could be but it is there.

And we can all agree that we are aware that increasing the amount of exercise you do every day, in relation to how many calories you eat, is an easy-enough concept.

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Of course, there are a number of societal factors which influence obesity and the government could and should do more to educate us about diet.

But continually looking to blame supermarkets, food manufacturers, or the government for the obesity epidemic is not the way our collective struggles with weight will be solved.

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