NOT ALONE: Mental health tips, advice and even a poem sent in support of campaign

Not Alone campaign contributors, from left, Kevin Colbourn, Lisa Redford and Simon Bailey Picture: S

Not Alone campaign contributors, from left, Kevin Colbourn, Lisa Redford and Simon Bailey Picture: Submitted - Credit: Submitted

Musicians, poets and the chief constable of Norfolk Constabulary are among the latest kind contributors to the Not Alone positive mental health campaign.

The EDP and Evening News launched the campaign earlier this week to show support to anyone who may be feeling the strain due to the social isolation brought about by attempts to slow the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Norfolk singer-songwriter Lisa Redford added her voice to the campaign, saying: “I know that we’re all having a really tough time at the moment and I just want to say that we need to try and stay positive.

“I try to get out every day, have a walk, play my music. Keep going every one, supporting each other, because we’re all in this together. Take care and stay safe.”

Kelvin Colbourn, the community development coordinator for north and south Norfolk for mental health charity Mind, is among a host of experts to offer their advice.

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“We’re self-isolating as well and our job is usually to get people together and socialise, and now we’re saying, no, stay at home,” said Mr Colbourn.

“But there are ways of staying in contact with people, through the good old telephone, video calls and online as well. Be careful of too much social media time but there is some really good advice and there are community hubs out there as well which are able to help, with phone calls and deliveries, things like that, so please do look them up.

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“Or ask a relative who can help you, or just a friend you know. Exercise as well is obviously really important, sticking to the government guidelines but just getting some fresh air is really important.”

While chief constable of Norfolk Constabulary, Simon Bailey, joined in to say: “You’re not alone in this crisis. The most important thing for me is to maintain contact with my family and my friends, talking to them as much as I can every day, just to make sure that they don’t feel alone.”

Kelly Moulds, a keen poet and mental health advocate, wrote a poem for the Not Alone campaign...

Covid-19, what a time it’s been. You’ve robbed us of our freedom, you’ve robbed us of our dreams.

Covid-19, we’ve upped our hygiene, but think of all those people who are scared of not being clean.

Covid-19, your growth-rate seems pretty keen, but think of all our families who have stopped being seen.

Covid-19, kids are now stuck to screens. With TVs, tablets and phones being used, I think I need a multi-screen.

Covid-19, my hands are in need of cream, when they have been washed so many times the cracks just make you want to scream.

Covid-19, it’s hell on earth with this quarantine, but you take no prisoners when you take away our routines.

Covid-19, is all of this a dream, because the reality of right now is pretty obscene.

Covid-19, to get rid we need a vaccine, or shall we all sedate ourselves on copious amounts of morphine?

Covid-19, our mental health has been hit to the extreme, anxiety and depression being tested each day, mood swings being bounced on a trampoline.

Covid-19, it’s like a scene from Halloween, the virus is fierce and cranky, like the temper of Wolverine.

Covid-19, you have even tempted me to nicotine, even just to get through one day I need to drink 15 cups of caffeine.

Covid-19, light at the end of the tunnel will gleam, together we will get through this and our returning smiles will beam.

For more, follow @KellyMoulds1 on Twitter.

You can join in with our campaign to spread positivity and offer mental health tips using the #NotAlone hashtag on social media and contribute your own short video by tagging @EDP24 or @eveningnews.

- Our Here to Help campaign is also organising a Not Alone pen friend scheme for those keen to make new friends during isolation. Those interested in being involved can contact

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