Norwich City legend reveals second skin cancer scare

Norwich City Football Club legend Iwan Roberts. Photo : Steve Adams

Norwich City Football Club legend Iwan Roberts. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

Norwich City legend Iwan Roberts has today revealed he has battled skin cancer – for a second time.

Iwan Roberts following an operation at the N&N to treat skin cancer. Pic: @Iwan Roberts/@LouLou Robe

Iwan Roberts following an operation at the N&N to treat skin cancer. Pic: @Iwan Roberts/@LouLou Roberts1. - Credit: Archant

The former City striker, who is the club's third highest ever goal scorer, had the basal cell cancer removed from his ear following surgery at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

It is the second time the former Welsh international has been treated for the disease following the removal of a mole on his arm in 2004 that was diagnosed as a malignant melanoma.

Roberts, who scored 96 goals for City in 306 games between 1997 and 2004, highlighted the impact of that scare in his 2004 autobiography, All I Want for Christmas, and has praised 'magnificent' hospital staff after undergoing successful treatment to remove the basal cell cancer yesterday.

The 47-year-old was prompted to seek medical advice after his hairdresser saw the patch of hard, flaky skin on top of his ear.

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He said: 'I'd had it for about two and a half years but never really thought anything of it. It would go and come back.

'I was having my hair cut one day and the hairdresser said that I ought to get it checked. I started thinking and went to my GP.'

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Roberts was told by his doctor that she thought it was a form of cancer but referred to a specialist at the hospital who confirmed it was cancerous.

He said: 'As soon as you hear the C word you think what's this mean.

'It wasn't as serious as the one I had on my arm in 2004 but it just kept coming back.

'They (basal cell cancer) are quite common. They're not life threatening but if you don't get it treated its going to keep coming back and get worse so the best thing to do is to cut it away.'

With warmer weather on the way in the coming weeks Roberts, who has had 10 stitches and a skin graft to part of his ear following his operation, has today urged others to use sun cream - particularly on the ears - if they are out in the sun and to get anything unusual checked out by a doctor.

He said: 'I'm very careful now. It's something I'm quite aware of because I had that cancer in my last season at the club (Norwich). It was a malignant melanoma which could've killed me if I hadn't acted on it in time.

'I do burn and really, looking back over the years, your ears are the last place you put cream on because for some reason you don't seem to and they are one of the most exposed parts of your body.'

He added: 'If you've got anything...just get it checked out. It will take five minutes to see your GP. They will know what to do and the right place to send you. So if in doubt get it checked.'

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