Norfolk MP has pacemaker fitted, but says he’s not ’done’ yet

MP Sir Norman Lamb has spoken of his fondness for the pier. Picture: Jamie Honeywood

MP Sir Norman Lamb has spoken of his fondness for the pier. Picture: Jamie Honeywood - Credit: Archant

Long-serving North Norfolk Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb has had a pacemaker fitted - but says it won't stop the work that he does.

The 62-year-old said he was working from home after the operation at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

It comes about 18 months after Mr Lamb suffered a minor stroke.

He said: "I'm recovering from having a pacemaker fitted on Tuesday, October 15, and taking it a bit easier.

"I'm still working but lying in bed doing it. I have had one or two health issues but I'm not going to do a big running commentary on this.

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"I don't want people to reach the conclusion that I'm done."

He said that, since the stroke scare early last year, he had been running and cycling a lot.

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He added: "I run and cycle a lot and discovered I was getting breathless. I had some tests done and was diagnosed with a heart block and went in to have a pacemaker fitted. The advice they gave me afterwards was to do even more running and cycling."

Following his scare last year, Mr Lamb said that he had been given a second chance.

On that occasion, he said he had woken up in his flat in London with double vision. After extensive tests he was told it was caused by a stroke.

He described how he was unable to focus on a picture on the wall of his room and even struggled to find his wife Mary's number on his phone.

At that time he vowed to continue his role but admitted he needed to "work smarter" after the "life-changing" health scare.

Mr Lamb, who fought a bruising election campaign against the Tories in 2017, blamed the health scare then on long working days, claiming he had been getting by on "four or five hours sleep" a night for years.

Mr Lamb, who won his seat in 2001 and served as a health minister in the Conservative and Lib Dem Coalition, will not stand at the next general election.

Karen Ward will stand for the Liberal Democrat party in North Norfolk at the next general election.

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