Dentist accused of ‘poor treatment over extended period of time’

Manor House Dental Surgery, in Long Stratton. Photo: Google Maps

Manor House Dental Surgery, in Long Stratton. Photo: Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

A Norfolk dentist has had restrictions placed on her practice after allegations of 'poor treatment' carried out over 'an extended period of time'.

Ana-Maria Teodorescu, a dentist at Manor House Dental Surgery, in Long Stratton appeared in front of the General Dentistry Council's (GDC) interim orders committee last week, who decided to put conditions on her practice while they investigated the claims.

A summary of the hearing released by the GDC said it had received a complaint from another dentist at the practice on May 8 'regarding poor treatment provided by [Ms Teodorescu] to patients over an extended period of time'.

The GDC then received more information relating to 26 patients and brief details of 30 patient complaints from the practice log.

And finally NHS England told the GDC it had imposed conditions on Ms Teodorescu on June 21.

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Matthew Corrie, representing the GDC in the hearing, said the allegations 'relate to basic and fundamental aspects of dentistry'.

He said there was a real risk of harm to the health and safety and wellbeing of the public based on the seriousness of the allegations and the risk of repetition should Ms Teodorescu's practice remain unrestricted.

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Jennifer Agyekum, for Ms Teodorescu, said the dentist accepted multiple concerns had been alleged and did not oppose conditions being put on her practice.

But she said since the complaints had been made Ms Teodorescu had prepared a personal development plan to address clinical failings, and that none of the complaints had resulted in patient harm.

The committee concluded there was 'sufficient evidence to suggest a real risk of significant harm to the public should an order not be imposed' and that a member of the public would think Ms Teodorescu should not be allowed to practice unrestricted while a large number of complaints were being investigated.

The summary of the hearing said: 'A member of the public would be shocked to learn that the registrant's regulatory body had been made aware of this allegation without imposing an interim order.'

The committee decided on a number of conditions for Ms Teodorescu, including informing the GDC if she accepted a new job, if any disciplinary proceedings are taken against her, and if any complaints are made.

She also must tell them if she applies for dental employment outside the UK and work with a supervisor to improve.

The conditions were put in place for 18 months.

A spokesman for Simply Smile, which runs Manor House Dental Surgery, said: 'Please be advised that we take all complaints seriously.'

They said there was already a 'programme of resolution' in place and a desire to address any problems.

They added: 'We wish to reassure all our patients that we do work to NHS England and GDC guidelines and we will continue to support the process currently ongoing.'

Dr Alistair Lipp, medical director for NHS England in the Midlands and east said: 'Following concerns raised with NHS England, conditions were imposed on Ms Teodorescu's registration on the national performers' list in June 2018. These conditions have been put in place to ensure patients can receive safe, consistent and high quality services when they need them.

'Whilst our investigations into this matter are ongoing, it would not be appropriate for us to comment further.

'Any patients who are concerned about the dental treatment they have received should speak with their dental practice in the first instance, or go through the usual complaints processes.'

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