King’s Lynn mum Siobhan makes a healthy fresh start

Mum Siobhan Yates is looking forward to a healthier and happier new year, after losing nearly a stone in weight and getting a taste for healthier foods.

It's all thanks to the King's Lynn health trainer service, which has offered her one-to-one support for the past six months.

Siobhan, 44, of Fairstead in King's Lynn, weighed 91.5 kg – that's nearly 14.5 stone – before she began working with the health trainers.

'I just didn't want to do anything. I knew I was eating the wrong food, I used to love pork pies, but I wasn't able to give them up,' she said.

'I tried a diet club to help me lose weight, but had no success. Then I heard about the health trainer service, via a leaflet put through my door.

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'I phoned them to find out more and was put in touch with my health trainer, Lucille Omurcan.

'She showed me how to lose weight by eating healthier foods. She also taught me the importance of doing more exercise.'

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Siobhan, who works as a dinner lady at Churchill Park School, added: 'I only used to walk to the school, which took about 15 minutes, and back. Now I take more exercise.

'In August, with Lucille's encouragement, I joined a walking group, and I now walk for an hour once a week, in addition to walking to work and back.

'I also used to go swimming once a fortnight, and now I swim every week instead.

'Lucille also recommended that I drink more water, and eat more fruit and vegetables. She advised me to look at the labels on food, so when I'm buying things I know how much fat is in them. I never understood the labels, but now I do.

'If it was cheap I used to buy it, but now I look carefully at everything before I buy. I eat a lot more fruit now too. I have my breakfast, and then usually have a piece of fruit mid-morning.'

Siobhan has three children, Lynn, 19, Liam, 18, and Hannah, 16, and says that her healthy eating has had a positive impact on the whole family, encouraging them to eat more fruit and vegetables too.

Today she tips the scales at just 86kg – that's 13.5 stone – and feels much better for it.

'I would not have done this without the health trainer service. I would have given up without Lucille's support – she has kept me going,' she said.

'I would advise anyone interested in the service to give it a go. The health trainers have helped me so much, and they can help you too.'

Lucille is one of a team of health trainers who have been recruited from communities in King's Lynn, Norwich and Thetford. They work one-to-one with clients, supporting them to make the lifestyle changes they want. Some people want to quit smoking, some want to lose weight and others may want to change their exercise and diet to give themselves a new lease of life.

Vicky Mitchell, King's Lynn Health Trainers co-ordinator, said: 'Health trainers provide the additional information, support and motivation to help people achieve the health improvements they have decided to make.

'Siobhan's story is a great example of how health trainers can help people achieve their health goals and maintain those changes.

'We congratulate her on what she has achieved so far, and wish her well for the future.'

The King's Lynn Health Trainer Service van be contacted on 01553 782629.

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