How west Norfolk will celebrate when lockdown ends

Many plan to celebrate with a pint when lockdown ends Picture: Getty

Many plan to celebrate with a pint when lockdown ends Picture: Getty - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Visiting friends, going for a pint or out for a meal are what people in west Norfolk plan to do when lockdown ends.

An EDP24 survey revealed 35pc intend to see their people they haven’t been able to visit because of lockdown.

Some 33pc hope to go for a pint, while 21pc will celebrate by going out for a meal.

Next most popular were a walk on the beach (15pc), a walk in the woods at Sandringham (13pc) and going on holiday to get away from it all (12pc).

Night clubbing and bird watching were both on 5pc, while going fishing and clothes shopping came last on 4pc.

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There were one or two individual responses which stood out from the crowd. On the question of what you intend to do first when lockdown ends, one respondant said: “Go out with my ferrets.”

Other answers incuded getting a haircut, visiting grandchildren, going for fish and chips and having a massive garden party.

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