Former Hellesdon doctor admits to allegations of sexual misconduct with patient

Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Anthony Devlin/PA Wire - Credit: PA

A doctor is appearing before a tribunal on misconduct charges after he admitted to having a sexual relationship with a patient.

Robert Stone, who used to work at Hellesdon Medical Practice in Reepham Road, but retired several years ago, is facing a Medical Practitioners' Tribunal Service hearing in Manchester.

Dr Stone admitted to many of the allegations made by the General Medical Council at the start of the tribunal, including having an improper emotional and sexual relationship with a vulnerable patient between November 2011 and July 2014. He admitted to visiting the patient at her home to engage in sexual activity, and to administering a hepatitis B injection to the patient in her back garden.

He also admitted to having the patient stay at his house, and to staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Liverpool with the patient, and that his behaviour was sexually motivated.

Dr Stone admitted to knowing that the patient had a history of depression, had a record of attempting suicide and had problems with alcohol misuse and dependency.

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Although Dr Stone admitted to sending text messages of a sexual and personal nature to the patient, he is contesting another allegation, which claims that in or around November 2013 he used words to the effect: 'No I'm not using you for sex, you say I don't love you, but I'm not sure about that but having problems expressing this verbally does that make sense?'

Dr Stone is also contesting allegations that he looked up the patient's medical records to get her mobile phone number to text her offering a home visit in order to pursue a sexual relationship with her.

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The tribunal started on Wednesday and is due to finish on Friday, August 5. After the tribunal considers the case, they will decide whether Dr Stone's fitness to practice is impaired, and what sanctions he should face.

Dr Stone graduated from the University of Sheffield in 1977.

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