Don’t put lives at risk by visiting west Norfolk hospital

Val Newton: Picture Victoria Fear

Val Newton: Picture Victoria Fear - Credit: Archant

A west Norfolk hospital is warning people who have experienced norovirus symptoms not to visit and put loved one's lives at risk.

With increasing levels of norovirus being seen in the community, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn is putting in place a number of measures to protect patients.

People who have experienced diarrhoea or sickness are asked to stay away from the hospital for 72 hours and all visitors should report to the nurse in charge of a department or service before seeing a patient.

Norovirus is a food borne infection which can be easily combatted by simple measures such as hand washing.

The hospital's assistant director of nursing Val Newton said: 'We have noticed an increased prevalence in the community and we are trying to make some restrictions in visiting.

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'If you have diarrhoea or vomiting, we are asking that you do not visit your relative. Any other visitor not affected is asked to report to the nurse in charge before going onto the ward.'

Dr Ian Hosein, the trust's director of infection prevention and control, is also appealing for the public's support in the fight against norovirus.

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He said: 'We are asking for the public to help us contain this virus. This agent is principally food-borne in the community so care must be taken in food preparation and consumption.

'Hands must be washed before any food handling since this virus is not killed by alcohol hand rubs and I would urge outlets where food is prepared and served to heighten their awareness of safety.

'I would also ask the public not to visit the hospital if they have had any vomiting or diarrhoea in the previous 72 hours.'

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