Surgery no-shows see school staff offered leftover vaccine

The new Cringleford Primary School at Roundhouse Park. Picture: Denise Bradley

Some staff members at Cringelford School were given leftover doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, Humbleyard Practice said. - Credit: Denise Bradley

Staff at a school on the outskirts of Norwich received a surprise when they were offered leftover doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Humbleyard Practice, in Cringleford, said it had offered the jabs to the village's school when some people did not turn up for their appointments.

A social media post said: "[On Saturday] several people just failed to attend appointments without cancelling and we were delighted to offer the few spares at the end of the day to some of the staff of Cringleford School."

But the surgery added: "We must however make sure our cohort six is finished first as school teachers are not part of the priority groups. Moving forward we have been advised not to offer spares to police and teachers unless they are in priority groups."

The practice said it had given the jab to 1,000 people last week, and was hoping to finish off everyone else in group six who was yet to receive theirs this week.

Humbleyard had "contacted everyone we are aware of" in groups one to six of the vaccine rollout – and urged those who had not heard from it yet to contact them through its website.

Humbleyard Practice in Cringleford has issued updates on its role in the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Humbleyard Practice in Cringleford has issued updates on its role in the Covid-19 vaccination programme. - Credit: Google

It said: "All 50-65 year olds are receiving texts or letters from NHS Norfolk advising them on Covid vaccines in Norfolk. At present you can book if you are 56+ but over the next few days it will go down to 50. How amazing is that?

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"Do keep checking as they release lots of new appointments every day and new centres are being set up, so if you log on and they only have Bury you can just check again the next day."

In another message issued on Monday, it said there had been some people who had declined the vaccine when contacted.

The practice urged those people to get back in touch if they changed their mind.

The national programme moved on to its next stage this week, as those aged 56-59 became eligible to receive their first jab.

Both paid and unpaid carers of all ages have now been given vaccine priority, but health secretary Matt Hancock said last month that teachers would not be bumped up the list.

The race is on to get as many people in Norfolk and Waveney inoculated as possible, with another Covid surge looking more likely in the summer.

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