Counsellor tapping into people’s potential with sessions at Aylsham and Cley

Holistic counsellor Aneesh de Vos.PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY

Holistic counsellor Aneesh de Vos.PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

The expectant mum should have been looking forward to her baby - but she was scared.

Aneesh de Vos using a life coaching aid. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY

Aneesh de Vos using a life coaching aid. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Worried about the pain of childbirth. Fearful of the responsibility of childhood.

Generations ago that mum would have had the comfort and wisdom of a matriarchal granny around the corner to give her reassurance and strength.

Nowadays, with families scattered farther afield, skilled professionals are needed to provide that crucial crutch.

People like Aneesh de Vos who is armed with a range of techniques which can unlock people's abilities to help themselves.

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'After some sessions including relaxation the mum was no longer scared, just aware of what was ahead - and told me 'I feel I can breathe again',' said Ms de Vos.

New Year is a busy time for people seeking help as they sought help with resolutions.

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But there were other peaks during the year such as spring and early winter as people sought to slim down for holidays and to fit into their little black dresses.

'But it can come at any time from big birthdays to people just feeling stuck in a rut,' she added.

There was also modern day pressure to be amazing parents, thin, or fantastic in business, said Ms de Vos.

Her mantra is You are Enough but she is keen to help people discover themselves and move forward.

People seeking her help are having challenges with:

?unblocking issues which are stopping success at work

?relationship matters

?self esteem and confidence issues

?stress, phobias and panic attacks

?achieving sustained success at weight loss

Her main techniques are

?life coaching - aiding people to choose reach and attain their goals

?stress management - helping people to understand stress and how to counter its effects

?Emotional Freedom Technique - or tapping - which sees clients tapping the end point of energy meridians

Ms de Vos regards herself as a facilitator unlocking people's potential.

'I don't tell people what to do. People have enough in them. It is learning how to do it, changing thought processes - reprogramming the mind.

'Once your mind tells your body to do it, it is the most marvellous machine in the world.'

?Aneesh de Vos has bases at Cley and the Acorns Osteopathic Clinic in Aylsham. She can be contacted at, emailed at, or phoned on 07794 866613.

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