Skipping the gym and spraying deliveries - what you’re doing to fend off coronavirus

A shortage of antibacterial wipes on the shelves at a Sainsbury's supermarket in Cambridge, as Prime

A shortage of antibacterial wipes on the shelves at a Sainsbury's supermarket in Cambridge, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces the government's coronavirus action plan. Picture: PA Wire/PA Images - Credit: PA

Washing hands, cancelling holidays and spraying deliveries with Dettol are some of the measures being taken by those worried about the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

We asked 380 people whether they had changed their behaviour due to the virus, which had on Wednesday afternoon reached Suffolk but not yet come to Norfolk.

The results were fairly split - almost 60pc (59.7pc) said they had made changes, while 39.8pc said they hadn't and 0.5pc said they weren't sure.

The vast majority of people who answered yes said they had upped their hand washing and were using hand sanitiser where possible.

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Ryan Chappell, from Snettisham, said: 'Due to working in retail you never know what you'll come across so washing hands more, using alcohol-based sanitisers to kill all bacteria on hands as well.'

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One person said they were avoiding using public transport, going to the gym and going out unnecessarily.

Sheena Woodhouse, from Downham Market, said while she was washing her hands more and buying a little extra shopping each week, but said she was still going on a planned weekend away and holidays between now and September.

Another respondent said they had taken to checking in on elderly relatives throughout the day.

While only a handful of people said they were stockpiling, one person, who said they have an underlying condition, said they had started to self-isolate, and had stocked up on food for 'at least three months and longer'.

Another said they had cancelled a holiday to Canada, while another said they were spraying all deliveries with Dettol and never let their car's fuel tank fall below 80pc full.

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As well as washing their hands more, one person said they had decided to take their car instead of using park and ride and had bought extra dried goods.

Another person, who works as a carer, said: 'Conscious of staying away from people that are unwell as I am a carer. I don't want to pass anything on as I am their sole provider, they have no other support, so I have to be fit.'

For one person, who takes immune-suppressing drugs due to a transplant, said the response to the virus was, for them, a 'normal way of life'.

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