Revealed: How GCSE and A-Level results will be calculated without exams

A-level and GCSE grades are to be awarded by teachers after exams were cancelled due to coronavirus

A-level and GCSE grades are to be awarded by teachers after exams were cancelled due to coronavirus Picture: MONKEYBUSINESSIMAGES/GETTY IMAGES/iSTOCKPHOTO - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Schools are being asked to predict the grades their pupils would have got and rank them for each subject following the cancellation of GCSE and A-Level exams.

Ofqual, the country’s exam regulator has set out how results will be calculated in lieu of the exams, which were originally scheduled to take place in May.

And it has told schools that two key pieces of information should be submitted to allow the body to distribute results for pupils.

These are as follows:

• The grades the teachers believe pupils will most likely have received if teaching and exams had gone ahead as planned.

• Rankings of students for each subject, within each grade.

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These two pieces of information will then be used by the regulator to set grades for each students, with results to be issued by August at the very latest.

Sally Collier, Ofqual’s chief regulator, said: “School or college-based assessment already has an important role in many GCSEs, AS and A-Levels, and in extraordinary circumstances such as these schools and colleges are best placed to judge the likely performance of their students at the end of the course.

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“We have worked closely with the teaching profession to ensure that what we are asking is both appropriate and manageable, so that everyone can have confidence in the approach.”

Education secretary Gavin Williamson said: “Cancelling this summer’s exams was a necessary step to help fight the spread of coronavirus by asking people to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives.

“Despite the difficult circumstances we are facing, this guidance provides assurance to students, parents and schools that grades awarded this summer will accurately reflect students’ abilities, and will be as valid this year as any other.”

Schools will have a deadline of no earlier than May 29 to submit the assessments and the grades and rankings must not be shared with students and parents until final results are issued.

The regulator added that grades should take into account a full range of evidence - including classwork, non-exam assessment, previous results and mock exam outcomes.

Students will have the opportunity to sit mocks as soon as the academic year resumes.

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