Dentist allowed to keep working on patients - despite 30 complaints

The dentist appeared before a the General Dental Council after patients raised concerns. Photo: PA

The dentist appeared before a the General Dental Council after patients raised concerns. Photo: PA - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

A dentist who was allowed to carry on working despite a litany of patient complaints has left a Norfolk practice.

Manor House Dental Surgery, in Long Stratton. Photo: Google Maps

Manor House Dental Surgery, in Long Stratton. Photo: Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

Ana-Maria Teodorescu, who worked at Manor House Dental Practice in Long Stratton until this month, first appeared before a General Dental Council (GDC) hearing in 2018 after a fellow dentist and 30 patients raised concerns.

It was alleged she had carried out “poor treatment” over “an extended period of time”.

The panel placed restrictions on her while they investigated, ahead of a final hearing, but said she could continue to work.

Two years later, the GDC has still not held that final hearing.

But Ms Teodorescu was back before the GDC’s interim orders committee last Wednesday after another patient complained about how she had dealt with a chipped tooth.

The committee said it was in “no doubt that the original allegations raise real and significant concerns for patient safety”.

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It also said it was seriously concerned that a new complaint had been made while Ms Teodorescu was working under restrictions.

It put in place more stringent conditions for “public protection”, but allowed her to continue working as long as she was supervised.

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The GDC’s solicitor told the hearing that Ms Teodorescu’s care was “below the level of professional practice reasonably expected” and raised concerns about the dentist’s treatment, diagnosis, radiographic practice and her lack of candour.

The hearing said that her day to day work must now be supervised by someone who must be on site and available at all times.

“As a minimum, the registrant’s work must be reviewed at least twice a week by the supervisor via one to one meetings and case-based discussion,” they said.

However Simply Smile said on Thursday that the new restrictions meant she could no longer work for them.

“Ana-Maria Teodorescu continued to work at the practice under the full approval of the GDC and in line with their conditions,” a spokesman said.

“Since the recent additional conditions that the GDC have placed upon Ana-Maria, Simply Smile are no longer able to support her to the extent that this new condition requires.

“Therefore the time has now come for Ana-Maria to pursue her career elsewhere in order to meet this new expectation.”

Her solicitor had argued at the hearing that stricter supervision of her was “unworkable and impractical” because of staffing at the practice.

Asked why Ms Teodorescu’s case had still not gone before a disciplinary panel since being reported in 2018, a GDC spokesman said: “While we seek to progress all cases as rapidly as possible, Covid-19 has undoubtedly impacted on our ability to progress cases as quickly as we would have liked.”

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