Comedian joins Not Alone campaign to encourage mental health support

Not Alone contributors, from left, Jack Warner from Norfolk & Waveney Wellbeing, comedian David Alfi

Not Alone contributors, from left, Jack Warner from Norfolk & Waveney Wellbeing, comedian David Alfie Ward and James Groves, managing director of energy consultancy Indigo Swan Pictures: Submitted - Credit: Submitted

Support for anyone concerned about their mental health during the coronavirus lockdown has continued as part of the Not Alone campaign.

Launched by the EDP and Evening News last month to encourage positivity and shared advice during these difficult times, a host of well-known local figures shared a short video using the #NotAlone hashtag on social media.

Joining those kind contributors is comedian David Alfie Ward, who explained: “I moved to Norfolk when I was struggling with my mental health about 15 months ago and Mind Norfolk and Waveney were massive friends to me when I needed them.

“I would like to give a message to say that it is really difficult at the moment, whether you are diagnosed as being a sufferer of mental health illness, or you feel you are very healthy mentally, because we are all going to get affected - no one is immune from suffering with their mental health.

“I feel like a lot of these campaigns are often thinking about the people who already suffering from depression but nobody is actually thinking about the people that have never really suffered, who might be suffering right now.

“So if you are suffering for the first time, or it’s a continuation of suffering, there is help out there and people willing to help you. Believe me, it gets better.”

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Mr Ward’s message was backed up by Jack Warner, the community development coordinator for south Norfolk for the Norfolk and Waveney Wellbeing Service.

Mr Warner said: “It’s a really difficult time at the moment and I’ve certainly had days which haven’t been as easy as others, but my advice is that if you live with someone else or others, just take good care of them and enjoy their company as much as you can.

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“And if you live alone make sure you are doing all you can to connect, call people you know, maybe even friends or family that you haven’t spoken to for years, catching up. I’ve been doing that and it’s been really nice actually.”

- You can watch our latest Not Alone video above


Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust have launched a new mental health helpline which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The First Response helpine is a service for people of all ages requiring mental health care, advice and support.

A spokesperson explained: “The helpline is available to members of the public of any age, regardless of whether they are an existing NSFT service user.

“The line is also open to other healthcare professionals, such as ambulance staff and GPs, as well as social care colleagues and police personnel who may need advice when working with individuals who are undergoing mental health difficulties or may wish to refer someone.”

If you are experiencing something that makes you feel unsafe, distressed or worried about your mental health you can call the First Response helpline on 0808 196 3494, or go to for further details.

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