Christmas Day babies revisited. What’s it like to have a birthday on December 25?

Carole Plumstead, with her husband Dagan and son Cameron, will be celebrating her 26th birthday on C

Carole Plumstead, with her husband Dagan and son Cameron, will be celebrating her 26th birthday on Christmas Day.PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY - Credit: Archant Norfolk

It's that time of the year when attentions turn to last-minute shopping, wrapping and preparing the turkey dinner.

Leoni Barrett and her partner Andrew Stearman with their son George who was born on 25th December 20

Leoni Barrett and her partner Andrew Stearman with their son George who was born on 25th December 2012 making this year his first Christmas. Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

But dozens of Norfolk families will also be making birthday cakes and seeking out birthday cards and presents for a double celebration this Christmas.

Christmas Day is an extra special when the day marks the arrival of a baby and we have photographed thousands of couples and their newborns after their December 25 arrival over the years.

But what is it like to have a birthday on Christmas Day?

Christmas Day babies are guaranteed to never have to go to school on their birthday. However, they are restricted in where they can celebrate their birthday on December 25 with many places closed and friends spending the day with their families.

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The partners of adults who celebrate another year of getting older on Wednesday have the added dilemma of having to buy twice the number of presents.

Carole Plumstead, of Oulton Road, Norwich, said this year would be extra special for her and her husband Dagan when they celebrate their son's first Christmas after baby Cameron was born in February.

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Mrs Plumstead will celebrate her 26th birthday on December 25, but was not due to be born until early January at the old Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

'When I was a kid, I got really, really excited to have my birthday on Christmas Day and I have not known any different. We always do Christmas in the morning and my birthday in the afternoon. I have never been able to do anything on my birthday like have a party or go out for a meal, but I have never had to work on my birthday. My mum always tried to make it special,' she said.

This year will see many babies experiencing their very first Christmas Day.

Full-time mum Leoni Barrett, of Gorleston, and her partner Andrew Stearman, who works as a chef at Potters leisure resort, celebrated the birth of their first child on December 25, 2012 at the James Paget University Hospital.

Baby George will be having his birthday cards and a birthday cake on Christmas Day, but his parents are going to save his presents for another day, so he has his own special celebratory day on April 23, which is also St George's day. The couple also have a three-year-old daughter called Faith.

Miss Barrett said: 'We are very excited, but how we celebrate both might be a little tricky. He'll get lots of Christmas presents so we will hold on to the birthday presents so that he can have his own special day. While he is little, I think we will do that and when he is old enough to understand, I think that will change. I did not see any of Christmas last year and it is extra special this year.'

Jenny and Mark Coles, from Aylsham, will celebrate the 11th birthday of their son Jack on Christmas Day. The couple also have five-year-old Fraser and 15-month-old Evan.

Mrs Coles, who is a teaching assistant at Aylsham High School, said their first-born arrived three weeks early to be born on December 25.

'We had him at 2.15am and we were back home by 10am on Christmas Day and had Christmas dinner and had visitors all day. I think it makes it extra special.'

'To begin with we tried to make it half birthday and half Christmas and have presents wrapped differently, but as he has got older the presents have mixed together. We do a birthday cake and have a birthday party in the evening,' she said.

Claire Pointon, from Easton, said she was going out on Christmas Eve to celebrate her birthday so that Christmas day could be all about her sons, James, six, and George, four.

The 41-year-old who was featured on the front page of the Brentwood Review after her birth on December 25 1971, said: 'My family always made me feel like it was really special and that has always stuck with me. My nan used to retell the story of when I was born and they did not get their Christmas dinner and it was like the second nativity in our family. I have never had to work on my birthday, but there is a little part of me who would like a normal day.'

However, father-of-two, Darryl Webber, 38, of Great Yarmouth, takes a different view of having his birthday on Christmas Day.

'It is not much fun and I wish I had another birthday. I had presents after midnight on Christmas Day when I was young and I had birthday presents first. I remember crying on Christmas Day because people forgot my birthday. I never had a birthday cake and my parents said it was hard to get one,' he said.

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