Norfolk father sheds light on chiropractic help

PUBLISHED: 15:20 09 April 2019 | UPDATED: 15:20 09 April 2019

Rupert Fox with chiropractor Michael I'Anson. Photo: Creative Chiropractic

Rupert Fox with chiropractor Michael I'Anson. Photo: Creative Chiropractic

Creative Chiropractic

A Sheringham father thought he would have to give up running after a twisted pelvis caused him too much pain.

Rupert Fox with chiropractor Michael I'Anson. Photo: Creative ChiropracticRupert Fox with chiropractor Michael I'Anson. Photo: Creative Chiropractic

Rupert Fox, 35, is speaking out to mark Chiropractic Awareness Week, after he found help from Creative Chiropractic in Pensthorpe.

The sales operations manager for Crayford and Abbs said: “Just over three years ago I started to experience a lot of pain in my lower back. This subsequently travelled all the way down my left leg and finally caused my knee and ankle to lock.

“I have always been sporty, having played football in my younger years and, most recently, taken up running which I really enjoyed. And, very importantly to me, enjoyed an active lifestyle with my wife and children.

“The pain became really bad but I was very much of the mindset that I didn’t need to seek advice and put it down to simple wear and tear. I would simply have a hot bath and then just go for another run. Eventually, I could not run or do many of the activities I loved and thought ‘that’s it, I have to knock fitness on the head’.

Mr Fox, a father of three, said he often found himself hunched over his desk for long periods of time and also often carried his children on his hip. His boss suggested he sought professional advice, which is when chiropractor Michael I’Anson told Mr Fox he had a twisted pelvis.

“Over the next six week I had regular treatments,” he said, and adjustments at work helped too.

“I go to see Michael for my MOT every three months which I find important as it keeps me in good shape and I can get some advice about my running,” he said. “I always remember something he told me when I first started seeing him which was ‘you need to get fit to get fit’.”

British Chiropractic Association (BCA) shows 46pc of people in the east of England do not take steps to look after their back health.

Chiropractic Awareness Week aims to educate people about the easy ways they can avoid or alleviate back pain. Mr I’Anson said: “There are so many people living with neck or back pain because they don’t know what preventative steps they can take. Easy changes to your day-to-day life can make a significant difference, but if your pain doesn’t reduce or is prolonged, you should always see a health professional for further guidance.”

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