‘You never know when things might change’ Carly Rowena to speak at Norwich mental health event

Carly Rowena, YouTuber and fitness blogger, speaking at a summit on Inspiring Women. Picture: Norwic

Carly Rowena, YouTuber and fitness blogger, speaking at a summit on Inspiring Women. Picture: Norwich High School for Girls - Credit: Archant

A personal trainer and fitness blogger has said she plans to share what she has learnt about the importance of making mental health a priority at an event focusing on the topic.

On Friday, March 6, Carly Rowena will be one of a number of people speaking at the Open Up at Open mental health event in Norwich.

The free to attend event, which will take place in Open on Bank Plain, will cover everything from where to seek mental health advice to standards of care and real-life stories to help spread the message that mental health is an important issue for everyone.

Ms Rowena said she was looking forward to the event and that her talk, which is caled 'balancing motherhood, self employment and mental health', would cover a little bit of everything.

She said: "I have found that I've always been quite good with my mental health but it has definitely become a lot harder and there's a lot of pressure on people to have a perfect life and I think that can cause a lot of problems, you need to make yourself a priority and that's something I've learnt."

The 32-year-old said she had seen a change in how people interacted with her online since she had her first child, she said: "When I fell pregnant I received so many messages saying I was going to lose my baby because I was working out, it was really upsetting and I have never experienced anything like that.

"I've found the mum's market one of the hardest markets to work in.

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"I was the first in my friendship group who had a child and I wasn't ready for it and I'm glad it happened to me because now I can help my other friends."

Ms Rowena said she would encourage everyone to attend Open Up at Open. She said: "You're only ever going to regret it if you don't go. Some people might say they don't need it but you never know when things will change."

For more information on the line-up, timings and more visit the Open Up at Open Facebook page.

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