Cancer awareness roadshow in Norwich

A campaign raising awareness about the symptoms of cancer is urging people to visit their doctor if they think they have any of the signs.

The Be Clear on Cancer campaign - which has a roadshow in Norwich today - hopes to save lives by making people more aware about possible signs of breast, lung and bowel cancer.

At the moment more than 1,500 people are diagnosed with one of these three cancers in Norfolk each year.

Jenny Harries, joint director for public health at NHS Norfolk and Norfolk County Council, said: 'The roadshow is about drawing people's attention to the need to go and see somebody if they have got any symptoms of cancer.

'It is about raising awareness of cancer, particularly in the over 50s when the risk increases.'

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She stressed that people should not be afraid of going to their doctor if they think they may have cancer symptoms.

'People can be quite concerned about going to the doctors because they do not want to be told they have got cancer,' Dr Harries said.

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'The important message is that most people will not have cancer, but for the few that do, getting seen early is a matter of life or death.

'If you catch it early a lot of cancers are curable. Do not be frightened of going to your GP.'

The main symptoms for the three cancers in the Be Clear on Cancer campaign are:

Bowel cancer - blood in your faeces for three weeks or a change in your bowel habits for three weeks or more.

Breast cancer - a lump or thickening in your breasts or arm pits, any changes in your nipples including any skin changes like dimpling or hardening, or any unusual discharge from your nipples.

Lung cancer - a cough that lasts for three weeks or more, coughing up blood, or unexplained persistent breathlessness.

• The Be Clear on Cancer roadshow was at Chapelfield in Norwich yesterday and continues there today. People can stop by for a tea or coffee and find out more about bowel, breast and lung cancer from 10am until 6pm.

• The roadshow is at Market Place in Great Yarmouth from 10am until 6pm on Saturday and in High Street, Lowestoft from 10am until 4pm on Sunday.


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