Family’s appeal for help after baby son falls ill on Cyprus holiday

Baby Carter in hospital in Cyprus. His mother has launched an online appeal to fund emergency treatm

Baby Carter in hospital in Cyprus. His mother has launched an online appeal to fund emergency treatment Photo: Go Fund Me/ Lucy Williams - Credit: Go Fund Me/Lisa Williams

A sunshine holiday has turned into a nightmare for a Caister family after their baby son fell ill in Cyprus and their insurers refused to pay for his treatment.

Lucy Williams' son Carter developed a rash and was projectile vomiting when she rushed him to a clinic on the island where he is still being treated.

But the family have since discovered their medical insurance does not cover private treatment and that any fees need to be paid on departure before they return home.

A Go Fund Me page set up to pay for the emergency medical treatment has seen more than 60 people raise over £1,000 in its first few hours with more donations coming in all the time.

Writing on the page the child's mother said: 'I have never done anything like this before, until now. We have come on holiday to visit family in Cyprus and unfortunately our baby Carter has been admitted into hospital after developing a concerning rash which was spreading rapidly, high fever and projectile vomiting.

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'After having meningitis as a child myself, I didn't want to take any chances.

'We were recommended a medical centre not far from where we were staying. As soon as we arrived, the medical staff were taking his temperature and bloods.

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'They were so thorough and until after admission we didn't realise that our premium travel insurance wouldn't cover this medical clinic as it was private. 'The policy, did however say, that they would make allowances for mitigating circumstances.

'After talking to management and underwriters, they said that because he wasn't in a critical state, the fee would be our own issue and we should try and transfer to a public facility, which can't be done as Carter's condition is highly contagious and we are in quarantine.

'Carter has been diagnosed with hand foot and mouth disease and the rash has covered 50pc of his body, and is on an IV drip, a nebuliser and antibiotics for acute bronchitis. He's had chest X-rays, bloods, an overnight stay, as well as all the medical treatment he's received.

'We have been told that the fees have to be paid on departure, and they ideally want to keep Carter in for another night which will be in excess of €200, something that we cannot afford right now.

'So we are asking for help from friends and family to help us during this worrying time.

'Any help we can get would be greatly appreciated.'??

To support the family's appeal click the link here.

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