‘I want to know what happened to Brian’ - Widow’s bid to shed light on death of man who was discharged from hospital just hours earlier

Brian Havard. Photo: Family submission

Brian Havard. Photo: Family submission - Credit: Family submission

The widow of a man who died hours after being discharged from hospital has paid tribute and said he will be 'greatly missed'.

Aileen Havard would have been married to Brian Havard for 16 years in April this year, and along with others friends and family has expressed concern about the way he was treated before his death.

Mr Havard died on January 9, and although the pair were separated Mrs Havard said she was determined to find out what had happened to her husband.

Mr Havard collapsed with chest pain at his cabin off Cromer Road, in High Kelling, the night before and was taken to hospital, where he faced a four and a half hour wait in the back of an ambulance outside A&E.

He was finally admitted around 6am but just a few hours later was told he could leave and that he had skeletal pain.

However when his partner, Gwendoline Day, took him home he collapsed again. A paramedic arrived but there was a two-hour wait for an ambulance and Mr Havard never made it back to hospital, and he died in the ambulance.

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Now, Mrs Havard, who lives in Burgh Castle, is keen to be kept abreast of the investigations.

The 53-year-old said: 'I obviously share the concerns and I want to know what happened to Brian, I want to know how he died, why it was not picked up but I've got no doubt that the medical staff worked as hard as they could to save him.

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'While we've got a personal trauma to deal with in this I've got no idea the pressure these people must be under, going home at night the questioning whether they could have saved somebody. But there must be a better system than having them queue for all that time. '

Mrs Havard said she and Mr Havard, 52, had separated in recent years because her health problems, including fibromyalgia, had put a strain on their relationship.

But she was concerned that because of this, she would not get the answers she needed.

She said: 'I want to be included and I want to highlight how easy it is to be cut out. I want to know what happened to Brian and I want it recognised the place I had in Brian's life.

'We were still in touch, he spent New Year's Day here, I had been working Christmas so we had a second one and he was tickled pink because I've got two greyhounds and he had his dog Shadow, and I had bought them the same presents.'

She added: 'He had a great sense of humour, he had an annoying habit of being right about things.

'With Brian and I, I was always quite proud of the fact that I did not need Brian in my life but I wanted him in my life, and one of the things he would say to me is: 'You're too capable'. I've learned that was the biggest lot of rubbish. He shielded me and protected me from the emotional heartbreak and I was wrong, I do need him. He'll be greatly missed.'

A spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Trust said: 'We would like to send our condolences to the family of the deceased and apologise for any distress caused by the wait for an ambulance.

'If the family of the patient would like to get in touch, the trust would welcome the opportunity to look in to this further.'

A spokesman from NNUH added: 'We would like to express our sincere condolences to the family of Brian Havard following his death last month.

'As is our normal practice, an internal investigation has commenced and we will keep Mr Havard's family fully informed.

'When the investigation has been concluded, we will of course offer a meeting with the family to discuss and openly share our findings with them.'

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