The Big Thank You - your messages to the heroes of 2020

Thorpe House Care Home staff are joined by fire fighters, police, and local residents at Griston to

Thorpe House Care Home staff are joined by fire fighters, police, and local residents at Griston to thank the NHS and all carers in the Clap for Carers. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

As part of our Big Thank You appeal we encouraged readers to send in their messages of praise for those who went above and beyond to make 2020 a little easier. Here are some of your responses.

Kitty Wandsworth, acute medical unit, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital 

Kitty was very professional kind caring and understanding during very difficult times, very open and honest. Thank you so much for helping us and allowing the family up during the early hours of the morning. 

Kevin Nichols

Pictures from the Lock Down 2020. NHS staff taking part in Clap for Carers Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMA

Pictures from the Lock Down 2020. NHS staff taking part in Clap for Carers Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMAN - Credit: Archant

Andrew Barnes and all staff at the Great Hospital, Norwich

All during this pandemic Andrew Barnes and all of his staff have done everything they can to keep us safe.

We have been offered lunches, meeting safely with our friends and relatives a shop where everything we need is on sale. The offer of iPads for residents so that they can keep in touch with their families.

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I am a resident here and up until a few weeks ago we were Covid-19 free, what else can I say.

A big thank you to all the staff at the Great Hospital who have gone above and beyond in their care.

Diane Schultz

Loddon branch of Co-op

My thanks go to all the staff at the Loddon Co-op. They are always well organised and have made us safe as possible. But more importantly the staff are so kind and helpful. Having a shop like this has definitely made life easier for the people of Loddon at this difficult time. I cannot thank them enough for their hard work and cheerfulness.

Mrs Betty Potter

Fakenham Age Concern minibuses

After a few weeks of lockdown the buses returned, suitably spaced and everyone in masks. We oldies all look forward to our shopping trips, the friendships and humour, and helpfulness of those who drive and assist us each week. They have made all the difference.

Pat Baker

West Norfolk Council leader Brian Long. Photo: Matthew Usher

West Norfolk Council leader Brian Long. Photo: Matthew Usher - Credit: Matthew Usher

Benbow’s Fruit Shop, Fakenham

Many thanks to all staff for being so helpful and happy throughout this awful Covid-19. Happy Christmas, look forward to a better 2021.

S Battrick

Holt Hub Community Nurses

Thank you to all the nurses who visited me over the past year to dress my foot, in all weathers, throughout lockdown and with no concern for their own welfare. Always cheerful and willing to do everything to reassure me, wearing a mask and telling me that it was for my protection, not theirs.

Covid-19 has not stopped them doing their job. They deserve every penny they get and more.

James Rix

Lynn (ex-nurse) and Iain Wright

Where do I begin. My sister Lynn and brother-in-law Iain have given us patience, kindness and understanding. John is vulnerable so we have been confined to our house since March. They have gone out of their way to do our shopping, and also for her older friends delivered cards and presents.

She is always happy and looks on the bright side which helps us realise life will get back to normal eventually. Thank you, Lynn and Iain, we are so lucky.

Mr and Mrs John and Ann Frost

C Barker Funerals, Long Stratton

Craig and wife-to-be Belynda, also NHS paramedic. Both go above the call of duty in assisting families with all they do 24/7 in all areas, especially during Covid-19.

Chris Hollings Jnr

Mr Fruity Ltd

Excellent quality fruit and veg delivered to my door. I am able to order by phone, since I have no internet. The staff are all so kind and helpful and deliveries always so reliable. Thanks to the EDP for such a lovely idea, and for such a brilliant paper!

Ann Gripton

A rainbow sign to cheer those passing by during the Coronavirus lockdown in Attleborough. Picture: D

A rainbow sign to cheer those passing by during the Coronavirus lockdown in Attleborough. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

St Nicholas’ Church, North Walsham

I was so upset when the churches closed and then on Easter Sunday, while ill with Covid-19 I found St Nicholas’ Church’s online morning service complete with an Easter garden.

It was so joyful it uplifted me and after that I joined in online every week. Having someone sing the hymns so that I could sing along made everything better. St Nicholas opened at the beginning of July so I went to the first service. Again, joy is the word to describe what I felt. Each week it’s so uplifting and faith shines out of the retired clergy. Thank you.

Catherine Kelsall

The Co-Op, Loddon

I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at my local Co-op store in Loddon. They have been and still are so friendly and helpful, nothing is too much trouble to them all through this dreadful Covid-19 year. Every precaution is in place for the customers’ safety. The staff always seem happy and get on well together. It is a pleasure to go into the store.

Mrs H Potter

Sandra Hughes, staff member at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Sandra went above and beyond her duties in supporting me and our family during Covid-19, made worse by the passing of my mother in law (grandparent of our children). I’d like to thank Sandy from the bottom of our hearts for everything she said and done for us all especially whilst having similar family illnesses. 

Tanya Jones

Pictures from the Lock Down. Rainbow in a window to show support to NHS staff. 2020 Pictures: BRITTA

Pictures from the Lock Down. Rainbow in a window to show support to NHS staff. 2020 Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMAN - Credit: Archant

Sylvia, Steve and Babs

Whilst I was in hospital some weeks ago

'Can we help' kind folks wanted to know

And three with such big hearts of gold

Took action without being asked or told,

Driving my wife on hospital visits and shops

Taking her to appointments on longer hops

So to Sylvia, Steve and Babs we wish to say

Thank you, your actions really saved the day

This year has shown the best of human kind

And these acts will stay forever in our mind,

Vic and Stella Steyerman

Maureen Webb

I am a retired RAF radio op and I’d like to thank, on behalf of the elderly men and women and Armed Forces pensioners she helped and cared for during this virus year, Maureen, my wife.

She made good friends of many elderly vets and did it for nothing, as she wanted to do. Maureen has been refused her driving licence and passport because, being American, she isn’t accepted in UK like most others are today.

She’s heard men and women cry with loneliness this year, but she stayed strong for them all.

David Webb

Turner’s Funeral Directors, Thetford

Thanking all at Thetford’s Turner’s funeral director services for all the hard work during Covid-19.

Kevin Lee

Ward 15 at James Paget Hospital

I would love to give all the staff on ward 15 at the James Paget Hospital a big thank you. I spent eight days on the ward last month after testing positive for Covid. I felt so poorly when I was taken in but the staff were amazing!

Everyone from doctors, nurses, cleaners and those who delivered our meals and drinks. They really are working so hard in there and still find time to talk to you when you’re not great. Well done and thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Carole and Ian Wall, Hopton-On-Sea

We would like to nominate Carole and Ian Wall for their efforts throughout this pandemic. They were there galvanising the whole village for the NHS Clap for Carers, speakers and music for a Sunday evening dance on your doorstep, which most roads joined in with. They also started up a social distanced sing song and tea on the doorstep for VE Day and started up and run the Hopton Residents Facebook page, which is a lovely community asset.

They have organised and leafleted the whole village for a Hopton in Lights spectacular and on Sunday a carol singing on your doorstep event. Carole and Ian’s commitment to Hopton is appreciated by all and we are all really  grateful for their efforts in these dreadful times.

Mary Baker and Ron Brown

Steve and Tammy Bacon and all their staff at The East Runton Shopper Supermarket in East Runton

Thank you for giving such wonderful service to your customers in East Runton and beyond, especially during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Steve in particular has worked extremely long hours from dawn to dusk not only serving customers in his supermarket with a smile and friendly conversation but then goes out and delivers many orders of groceries and medication to housebound customers, for many of whom he is their only visitor.

Steve is wonderfully supported by his marvellous wife Tammy and incredible staff: Angie, Margaret, Norma and Angela.

Thank you all so much.

Mike Ashwell

Barnwells Stationer, Market Place, Aylsham

This amazing shop has continued to serve its customers throughout the pandemic. In the initial national lockdown they were able to supply goods by adding orders to the daily newspaper rounds. The two girls in particular have been absolutely magnificent - always cheerful and willing to help customers despite long working hours and all the constraints of the last few months.  

They have all maintained their sense of humour and kept us going throughout. Well done and a huge thank you.  

Helen Copperthwaite