Appeal for Norwich volunteers for overeating research trial

A researcher hoping to help people who are overweight because of an eating disorder is appealing for a new cohort of volunteers.

Demeter Kraaij, who is working with the Norfolk Eating Disorders Association (Norfolk EDA), appealed last year for adult volunteers who have experience of repeatedly dieting and putting weight back.

Her study involves listening to a recording of carefully chosen and carefully worded suggestions targeted at overeating, and while 26 people started in the first cohort, just 11 went on to complete the trial.

Ms Kraaij, from Thorpe Hamlet, said: 'The initial feedback from those who completed it has been positive but it's difficult to draw any conclusions as 11 is so few.

'We need to aim to get 30 completions and as it's the New Year it's a good time to ask people who want to make a change to take part.'

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Ms Kraaij has developed the recording, which also includes embedded sounds that have been demonstrated to speed up learning, and says it aims to help change people change their attitudes to food and overeating.

Norfolk EDA says there is a growing need to help people who are overweight or obese because of an eating disorder.

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The charity's recently launched six-week courses to help 'yo-yo dieters' or people who overeat for emotional reasons have proved extremely popular and the next session of courses is already almost full.

Ms Kraaij, who is retired and has a degree in psychology and a background in counselling, hypnotherapy and drug and alcohol rehabilitation, said: 'I'm overweight and have had an eating disorder, and probably still have to some extent.

'I had some thoughts about the things that helped me get my act together, and this is about seeing if they work for anybody else and creating something specific which we can give to the Norfolk EDA.'

Volunteers who are interested in taking part in the research, which is run separately from the six-week courses offered by Norfolk EDA, can contact Ms Kraaij at or on 07794 046345.

More help is also available at

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