Ambulance crew waits for four hours to drop patient off at the N&N

Photo: Steve Adams

Photo: Steve Adams - Credit: Archant

Ambulance crews experienced exceptional delays in handing patients over at the N&N yesterday morning.

One ambulance crew waited from just after midnight to around 4.30am to hand a patient over. Another crew waited from around 1.30am to 5am.

On Tuesday morning, eight crews waited for over three hours to drop patients off.

Anthony Marsh, East of England Ambulance Service chief executive, said hospital hand over delays remained an issue.

The N&N said it was unable to divert patients to other hospitals in the region yesterday morning as they were also busy.

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Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge declared an 'internal critical incident' yesterday morning. It means it is asking people to find alternatives to A&E.

James Paget was on red alert meaning it is very busy.

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An N&N spokesman said emergency admission areas remained 'extremely busy'.

'Our staff have been working very hard, alongside ambulance crews, to support patients while we continue to experience a high level of emergency demand,' the spokesman said.

'Being able to turnaround ambulances depends on maintaining a flow of patients through the hospital and back to their own homes or to another care provider.'

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