WATCH: Headteacher announces school closure with snowy version of Ed Sheeran’s Perfect

Chris Aitken sings Ed Sheeran in the snow (Picture: Norfolk Now)

Chris Aitken sings Ed Sheeran in the snow (Picture: Norfolk Now) - Credit: Archant

More than 400 schools have been closed because of snow across Norfolk and Suffolk - but one closure announcement stood out from the rest.

Head of Cantley Primary School and Nursery, Chris Aitken. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Head of Cantley Primary School and Nursery, Chris Aitken. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2017

The executive headteacher of Cantley Primary School and Horning Community Primary School decided to announce the closure of the schools through the medium of song, performing his own snow-based version of Ed Sheeran's hit Perfect.

Chris Aitken, or Head Sheeran as he may now be known, was challenged to make the musical announcement by parents who had seen a video of a teacher in America closing a school with a song.

Mr Aitken said the video was a bit of fun that also conveyed the ethos of the schools.

He said: 'The parents know I'm quite happy to make a bit of a fool of myself and I do quite a lot of musical stuff at school, so I went away and spent about half an hour rewording it last night.

'This morning I got up and did the serious stuff of checking the roads, which were shocking, and contacting staff. I made the usual announcement that the school was closing with a little note to say there would be a further announcement.

'My wife filmed me doing it in the garden and we did it in one take, which I was quite happy with; I wasn't expecting that.

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'It's mainly a laugh to keep spirits up while we're off, but our school ethos is to make learning fun. We always try to portray that to our children, we want them to be ambitious but at the same time we don't want them to take themselves too seriously. Smile your way through life.'

As to whether the schools would be open tomorrow, Mr Aitken said parents could expect there to be further announcements.

He said: 'We'll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. I'm kind of hoping we will reopen, although having said that, I think that either way I may have to try and sing something else tonight.

'If I get time I will try and get another one written for tomorrow regardless of whether we're open or closed - I know the parents won't let it lie.'

Cantley Primary School in School Lane has 96 pupils and Horning Community Primary School, in Lower Street, has 58 pupils and together they form the Cantley and Horning Schools Federation.

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