Head to St George’s Park in Great Yarmouth on Saturday to donate hats and scarves to help the homeless

Unwanted hats and scarves can be donated at St George's Park on Saturday at 2pm to help the homeless

Unwanted hats and scarves can be donated at St George's Park on Saturday at 2pm to help the homeless. - Credit: Archant © 2008

As temperatures plummet people are being urged to bring warm woollies, particularly scarves, to St George's Park in Great Yarmouth to help the homeless.

Organiser Leigh Storey said the donation of a knitted item could make a real difference to someone who was out in the cold adding that scarves were particularly versatile.

Having experienced homelessness herself in London she said she knew better than most the comfort a snug hat could bring and is encouraging townsfolk to head to the park at around 2pm on Saturday December 3 ready to leave their item tied to a tree or railing with a note saying it is there for the taking.

Last winter the 45-year-old of Lichfield Road mounted a similar caring effort with coats and because that had gone well - many of the recipients still wearing them this winter - she is having another go but with woollies.

'With the cold weather coming it will make a big difference,' she said. 'Scarves, hats, gloves - anything is welcome, but the main thing is scarves because they are easy to hold and keep with you. They are very multi-functional. You would be surprised what you can do with them. You can even wrap them round your feet in boots two sizes too big when it gets really cold, or wear them like vests.'

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Mrs Storey has visited various spots where she knows a homeless person is trying to keep warm and told them that help was on the way.

One young lad, she said, told her he had been sleeping in a large red bin to escape the elements and was downhearted because it had recently been locked.

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