Musician struck by MS gets back on feet with new album and range of events

Hayley Moyses entertains at an event.

Hayley Moyses entertains at an event. - Credit: Maurice Gray

A well-known and popular British musician who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis six years ago is fighting to get back on her feet with her album New Shoes for Nashville.

Hayley Moyses, 50, has been surrounded by her country and western family since an early age with her parents' Moyses Family Band.

Hayley Moyses and her family when she was young.

Hayley Moyses and her family when she was young. - Credit: Supplied

She became a popular musician with a backing team Britgrass 3, travelling far and wide together and being booked for social events, celebrity weddings, festivals and being guests at The Grand Ole Oprey in Nashville, USA.

Hayley Moyses in her prime as an entertainer.

Hayley Moyses - Credit: Maurice Gray

But just as she was getting notoriety with her New shoes For Nashville album in 2016, MS "hit hard" which quickly slowed her down to a total stop.

Ms Moyses is now determined to get back on her feet and has recently shown signs of recovery from treatment.

She launched her album and has been surprised by the support after receiving invitations to perform at various events, which include a Zoom meeting broadcast in the USA.

Hayley Moyses struggling today.

Hayley Moyses struggling today. - Credit: Supplied

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She said it is "bringing back my life", adding: "It's so wonderful to feel wanted again and interest being taken in my latest album."

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