Have you spotted any roadkill in Norfolk? - Charity wants to hear from you

A car on a rural country road in Norfolk.Picture: James Bass

A car on a rural country road in Norfolk.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

A wildlife charity is encouraging people across the country to report sightings of roadkill in the name of conservation.

It is estimated that each year one million mammals are killed on UK roads and this summer, wildlife charity People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) is asking the public to record sightings of roadkill as part of their ongoing conservation work for British mammals.

Mammals on Roads, which records sightings of live mammals too, informs PTES as to where mammals are present and helps the charity to monitor changing mammal populations across the UK and take action if needed.

The charity is urging the public to record sightings of mammals, dead or alive, any time until September 30. To record mammal sightings your car journey must be 20 miles or more and completed in one day.

David Wembridge, Surveys Officer at PTES said: 'No-one likes seeing roadkill, but recording it as part of a survey like Mammals on Roads tells us about wildlife more widely. Comparing records year to year enables us to build a picture of how a population is changing, which is key to conservation.

'Without the help of volunteers, it's almost impossible to identify these sorts of changes nationally and to spot population trends.'

•To take part, you can download the free Mammals on Roads app from the App Store and Google Play. Alternatively, the survey can be completed via a printed survey pack. Email mor@ptes.org or call 0207 498 4533 to request a pack to be sent to you.

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